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LoC Trade-Its Obstacles

By V.K. Nakhasi
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Confidence Building is a biggest measure to stabilize any untoward situation if arises on any front. It is infect two way consensual agreements. If we deem, it could be unilateral, we are wrongly introspecting. During the year 2005, it was decided by both the Nations India as well as Pakistan to initiate the favourable steps to begin with cross LoC Trade between the two parts of the State. The operation of public services transport accordingly started with very good beginning. The phenomenon went a smoothly till 2012. Although a few and intermittent hiccups came in between yet the services continued without any impediment. But unfortunately unprovoked firing across the LoC coupled with flare up of tensible situation became major obstacles before the transportation aspect as a result of which the facilitation of transportation came to a stand still for some brief period in the first instance. However, with the timely and honest intervention of both the sides at highest levels trade and transportation at LoC crossing points was resumed and the operations again started as per practice in vogue.

Basically the objective point of view of opening the LoC for trade and crossing of people was to encourage and extend the strong supportive confidence among the people of both sides who were unfortunately separated from one another during 1947, 1965 & 1971 wars. This was infact a step to lend strong support to the idea of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs). Soon after opening of LoCs for the first time way back in 2005, very emotional scenes were witnessed at the crossings when relatives from across both the sides of borders met with one another after so many decades. This was followed by an idea by same honest and genuine traders belonging to both sides to remain engaged in respectable business to improve the situation over both sides which could help in vanishing the skirmishes caused between the two Nations in the wake of previous long back conflictions. In order to see the perfect and complete stabilization of situation from both the sides, the Administrative authorities from both sides boldly faced the brunt of many odds and obstacles like absence of communication system, banking system and other allied nature of impediments.

The report card on both sides regarding the affairs was extremely substantially progressive till 2012, but in view of border skirmishes, the report card came to be reported extremely poor. However, this side of LoC tried to put up a very sincere and brave face but it all seemed to be hollow as things kept sliding out of the hands of Pakistani political leadership as Pak Army declined its own political leaders and they started to operate beyond the control of their governance. Pak Army resorted to unprovoked firing unabatedly causing fatalities of brave soldiers of this side of LoC. They beheaded the soldiers who were guarding our borders. The Pak Army did not lag behind in associating themselves with Pak terrorist outfits. They managed the mechanism to infiltrate foreign mercenaries and infiltrators from across the border to create unrest in the different parts of the State. They infamous BAT (Border Action terrorist Teams) to push them into this side of LoC clandestinely to operate against our good interests. Many a times such border skirmishes brought the trade on LoC to a prolonged stand still.

The daily bus services got hauled up which resulted many of the relatives to make unauthorised overstayed in each others areas. The previous remarkable improvement in the overall trading business got extremely distributed and the poor traders became the looser on both sides. Now the latest unfortunate development caused following the confiscation of a vehicle loading brown sugar coming from PoK has put sudden break in the smooth flow of trade. This has again given rise to serious stalemate between the two sides which normally should not have erupted because of recently resumed LoC trade operations after prolonged period of standstill. The issue relating to transportation of drugs worth more than hundred Crore rupees in the international market from across the border in an illegal way is a very complex issue for both sides. However, neither of the side should make it more complicated keeping the good interests of people in view.

When such an huge consignment of prohibited narcotics was confessed while transporting from across the border, it is quiet obvious that the authorities belonging to this side of LoC was essentially required to swing into logical action which resulted in the seizure of truck and arrest of truck driver. What wrong the Administration of this side has committed? But unfortunately Pakistan blindly has made a different issue out of it and they have detained a dozen of our trucks on their land which in plain terms could be called as a retaliatory measure by Pakistan which is totally unjustifiable from all angles. This has ultimately given birth to tension and has created a situation that could be fatal for the effort already made for building confidence amongst the people hailing from both the sides.

Good will always needs to be encouraged by holy intentions. The better piece of advice to Pakistani leadership is to make in-depth introspection about the factual position and extend support to this side in taking proper legal recourse. By detaining the trucks of this side, the tension is bound to get escalated. It is not an appropriate time to harm the interests of people living on borders who have now made this LoC trade as their livelihood. This is not the time to flare-up the already aggressive situation rather both sides need to douse the flames and allow the law of the land to ensure its legal recourse. The trucks detained across the border need to be allowed to move back to this side of LoC and handle the issue with due sincerity and proper efficacy so that the Confidence Building Measures (CBM’s) already ensured may not get shattered once again.




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