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No disturbance in Welfare State

By V.K. Nakhasi
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We are living now in an Independent democratic State. We have also adopted the form of the Welfare State. In a welfare State, it is normally expected that there will be a less scope for poverty and thereby the scope for ignorance will be minimal. But for running a very smooth State contribution of youth towards the well being of the State is most important. The participation of youth is essentially required at every juncture to see the masses living in the State of happiness & harmony. In a welfare State, the responsibilities of the State increases and also the activities of the youth will expand considerably to see more progressive and prosperous state. As far as the optimistic view is concerned, the participation of youth enormously plays a very highly significant role in forwarding the states welfare in a direction which can guide the governance of the State in its right perspective. Under these circumstances youth happen to be the actual architect of any state. Ours is a developing Nation. We have the youth in our state who have never lagged behind in making great strides in the last few decades in the field of sports, education, agriculture etc. In order to see our youth more flourishing, we need to promote our youth on all fronts enabling them to remain firm on their own legs to challenge their obstructive hurdles while making progress to build the Nation. There are numerous programmes and schemes already launched with which the youth of our State could be benefited in a larger way. Through such systematic programme the menace of unemployment can be eradicated to a greater extent.

But ironically it is witnessed that there is tendency among some people to violate the laws made by the State in an attempt to disturb the peace and tranquillity. The elements existing in our societal set up are hell-bent upon to create hurdles for those who are in the process of making progress. In the light of this, it is necessary that a citizen should not be passive observer to what all happens in the society. It is not correct to expect only the law enforcement agencies to tackle the problem of crime in the society. For instance a problem of stone pelting by anti-national groups has become common in Kashmir. These stone pelters who generally fall in the age group of 10-15 years have fallen prey in the hands of anti-national groups masterminded by separatists in the valley. These groups do not realize that they are harming the future career of these small children who get trapped for violating the laws of the lands. When these anti-national groups would start realizing that their encouragement to such school going boys would be an encouragement to the criminals who in future would be more confident in continuing their criminal activities. By giving such an undue pat to such innocent children to instigate them to resort to pelting during any protest demonstration or in any religious rally is a horrible sin on their part as such the masterminded elements are only aimed at to derive their personal illegal and undue benefits by keeping a gun upon the shoulders of innocent school going boys. How unfortunate it seems!

The saner elements who do exist in our society are warranted to provide counselling to their children to shun the habit of stone pelting as it would hinder the way of their future progress in making their career. The counselling needs to be much more effective so that their children may not take much time to realize their acts of perpetration. The parents are required to advise their kith and kins to realize the pros and cons of their resorting to misdemeanours. They should be asked to avoid their participation in such protesting demonstrations which are illegal and against the Nation. What we need urgently is prevention of such undesirable activities as are oftenly indulged into by these boys at the behest of such groups. Let us make that happen. Each one of us living in the valley wants to lead a very peaceful life because amidst so many atrocities and onslaughts resorted to by terrorists during terrorism in Kashmir valley made to suffer Kashmiris people to face woeful and miserable days during the previous times. In fact people have shunned the violent culture; it has yielded nothing except hardships and trouble. And it has been firmly observed and opined that lasting sustainable prevention of violence would come in the form of peace and peace is requisite for development. As no one invests in State unless everlasting peace is restore in the State. Let us shun the habit of planting sense of doubt. Separatists need to forbid from emphasizing the communal colours. They are advised to try and drum up positive social sentiments for everyone. The current global scenario does not offer much leverage for such an approach. It is utmost important for them to correct their situation. A very appropriate time and stage have come to reshape and rectify those polities as are aimed to weaken it.




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