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Causes of Low Socio-Economic Development
  By V.K. Nakhasi

The unpredictable law and order situation is the main hurdle in attracting tourists and other investors to the Kashmir valley. Such scenario is very much free to make tourists and other investors apprehensive either for visiting the valley or launching any commercial projects which could benefit the people of the State in general and Kashmiris in particular. One is taken by often surprise as in what way the perpetrators of such an ugly situation remain benefited. Ultimately who remains at loss? It is only the Kashmiri who has to miserably suffer in the wake of such an ugly scenario. The repeated shutdowns and episodes like firing in the area of Gool, unabated incidents of stone pelting yielded nothing only mar peace and tranquillity which adversely affected the ongoing pleasant business apart from impacting upon the educational career of our school/college going boys and girls. How long Kashmiris could be able to pull on with such apprehensive atmosphere environed with Security hazards?

It is sin in every language to make the life of innocent gentry trouble some and painful. It amounts to the commission of transgression if the perpetrators of Crime continue to play with the sentiments of people. This is not absolutely done and is rather unbecoming to pose such regardless sentiments towards innocents by such criminals who try to instigate people on very petty and minor issues. At present the need of an hour is to make all efforts by everyone including Govt. machinery to initiate such pro-active steps as could provide secure, completely conducive and much more beneficial environment which could boast our weak socio-economic development otherwise we are constraint to lead towards the bleak future in the days to come. Simultaneously it also becomes highly important for media people to introspect and magnify their role to make it much more useful for the development of the State. Similarly Administration is again required to hear the public and make concreted efforts to rectify their grievances and then we will become sure of people’s complete participation in different roles to uplift the State.

It is worldwide known that people of Kashmir have been the worst victim of terrorism. Now the people of Kashmir want calm and peaceful environment. In-fact the traditional peace of Kashmir received severe jolt during the previous prolonged period which ultimately impacted upon our potential socio-economic development in a very bad way. The future of our innocent youth got marred and destroyed in view of the woefulness which gave birth in the valley in the wake of militancy in Kashmir. The militancy period took us about two decades back to see the image of the state progress towards economic development. There is no any doubt to see that our youth possess great potential and capability and aptitude to bring back more healthy economic state enabling others to see some substantial socio-economic transformation. Our youth need to perform so as to steer our economical growth which would ultimately enable all of us to stand upon our own potential of capacity to achieve all this.

If Kashmiris have to see holistic developmental progress in all spheres, the people of Kashmir especially youth are invariable required to come forward and make round the clock efforts to achieve economic independence? Why we have lagged behind in setting job-oriented institutes in the State, the reason behind is that outside elements who were hell-bent to perpetrate anti-national activities in the state always took us gullible in keeping us engaged in such activities as were only aimed at to create disturbance our areas. Here in our state we do have talent & potential for setting up an environment which could encourage opening such job oriented institutes and we should not waste now any more time to harness this advantage. We need to focus upon commercial connectivity like other States of India.

There would be more and more efforts by our inimical forces to attempt to dismantle the devised system of ensuring economical growth. But this has to be combated by our people to overpower such inimical forces otherwise repeated set backs on this front in turn would definitely jeopardize the development efforts undertaken by us. Everyone knows that our enemy across the border remains profoundly a feudal society with all its inequities and internal problems as such Islamabad resists to India-bashing as diversionary tactics. Again Pak Army play its pivotal rule in Pakistan policy particularly in its relations with India.

However, we are expecting a complete change after the take over of administration of Pakistan by Mr. Nawaz Sharief as Prime Minister of Pakistan. It sounds very good that the New Prime Minister is keen to reshape the deteriorated relationship of the two Nations. Previous President of Pakistan moved behind his back to engage in hostilities with India. Now the show appears to be on the other foot. The future of bilateral ties is predicted on building trust and respecting each other. The new leadership is likely to firm up its policy and therefore now repeatedly highlights its resolve for better relationship. It is firmly hoped that in coming days both would remain engaged in resolving outstanding issues to reboot the vexed relation. Let us hope for the best in the days to come.





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