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Recent attack on Indian Soldiers by Pak Army

Pakistan Army when in proper Pak Army uniform sneaked into half a kilometre inside Indian territory is a very concrete proof to freely indicate that members of terrorist outfits mainly Lashker-e-Toiba (LeT) have adequately associated with Pakistan Army to operate against Indian Army on LoC. There are reports that Pak Army has constituted a team known as Border Action Team (BAT) comprising terrorists belonging to various militant outfits especially LeT and Jawans of Pakistan Army to carryout frequent attacks in a major way upon Indian Army mainly upon the borders. Moreover, some Pak Army commandoes belonging to Special Services Group (SSG) also stand associated with the group.

In the second major attack on Indian Army this year, the aforesaid Pak Army team plan to ambush on Indian Army petrol in the sub sector of Chakan-da-Bagh about 10/12 kms from nearby Poonch killed five Indian Army soldiers apart from injuring one. Infact the said operation was resorted to by the Pakistan Army and terrorists with the assistance of Pakistan Army deployed in the PoK area. This indicates the class of the posture available with Army of Pakistan. After-all one completely fails to understand when these border skirmishes would come to an end between the two nations.

Such unprovoked actions of Pakistan really deserve strong condemnation from all global corners. It clarifies that Pakistan is yet to realize about its previously committed follies of thrusting repeated wars against India for which Pakistan always had to suffer in a big way. But despite this, Pakistan does not feel shy of indulging in such clandestine militancy operations against Indian soldiers upon LoCs. It does not bother to refrain from their indulgence in such perpetrations of misdemeanours despite the proper warning signals being sent to them repeatedly.

This shows the height of arrogance on the part of Pakistan Army while ignoring the governance in Pakistan Top military officials of both the nations spoke to each other on hotline to reduce the tense situation caused in the wake of killing five Indian soldiers along the LoC (Line of Control) in Poonch Sector in Jammu & Kashmir. However, Pakistan Army DGMO is stated to have out rightly rejected any violation by Pakistani troops and killing of five soldiers of August 5-6 nights. It is strange that now Pak Army officials indulge in giving pack of lies and thus such repeated incidents involving killing of Indian Army officials could certainly impact upon the resumption of the peaceful dialogue process which was earlier put on hold following the incidents of attack carried out by Pak Army and thereby beheaded an Indian soldier apart from mutilating another.

An unabated attempt of ceasefire violations by Pakistan desalted the resumption of peace dialogues between the two nations. But now Pakistan was most desirous to hold high level talks with Indian officials to reinitiate the process of peace. Present Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief had expressed such desire to reboot the vexed situation between India and Pakistan. In the case of continuance of such type of barbaric attacks by Pakistan Army how one could expect the initiation of fragile process of resumption of bilateral relationship between the two nations. The fall out of earlier attacks along the LoC was by and large contained but the Poonch incident possesses the potential that could prove debacle for the proposed process to normalize the situation through bilateral talks. Now, the ball is in the court of Pakistan to think upon it whether they want to continue the disturbing situation along the LoCs bordering Jammu and Kashmir.

Now the issue has certainly assumed the shape of complicated nature which is in view of the fact that the Pakistan politics seems to continue with the murky type politics especially towards Indian side bordering India-Pakistan. It is an old fact that the militants active on the borders carryout their operations against Indian troops with the active connivance of Pakistan Army & ISI. There is a clear cut nexus between Pakistan terrorists and Pak Army/ISI whatever the military actions are resorted to by Pakistan all those actions stand sponsored by Pak Army & ISI covertly. It is also in view of the same fact that Pakistan Straightway refutes the charges of unprovoked firing by them every time and it is with same patterns that this time also Pakistan has firmly disowned any responsibility rather claim ignorance of the violent act actually indulged into by them in the Poonch sector in which at least five soldiers from Indian side were killed. This dual type politics would not last long. After all there is a limit to every activity.

The need of an hour is to exercise proper control and effective monitoring over Army & ISI by newly created Pakistani Administrative apparatus. Pakistan needs to initiate effective drive to break the strengthened nexus between militant/terrorist outfits and ISI/Army. The terrorists training camps which continue to operate in various areas of POK needs to be dismantled by the now Pak Government. Moreover the Pakistani leadership is required to emphasize upon the Pakistan Army to sever their association with terrorists which could prevent the infiltration from across the border into the Indian side in a very substantial manner.

Pakistani leadership is also needed to discard the policies formulated by ISI against India especially in vitiating the peace and tranquillity of Jammu & Kashmir. Because the people of Jammu and Kashmir are peace loving citizens and do not want to see that their soil is used for perpetration of crime from across the border. Pakistan Govt. is required to process into some effective mechanism which could part ways between Pakistan Army & terrorist outfits. Both Pakistan and China are two parts before India. Indian Army is already aware about the China’s designs as it is a big ambiguity about the line of actual control. Govt. of India is needed to determine a view to end this LAC ambiguity. This is a very serious problem as Chinese troops always try to sneak into the LAC and set up camps on permanent basis. By doing so they terrorize the civil population on the Indian side, Chinees troops many a time ventured into this side and intimidated locals by issuing warnings in Hindi to the local shepherd community in order to force them to leave from the area what they claimed was Chinese territory.





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