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Pakistan is an Epicentre of Terrorism

President Pranab Mukerjee in a forthright message to Pakistan said that it must dismantle terrorist structure on its soil while interacting in a TV Interview. He further told Pakistan to respond positively to India’s peaceful overtures. Pakistan way back in 2004, had agreed in principle not to allow terrorist activities against Indian from her soil but to dismay it has not honoured her own word. It is not only provided support but also extending her sponsorship to such Jihadi groups like LeT, Jaish, HM etc. Pakistan also helps the militants group to sneak into Indian Territory under the garb of unprovoked firing across the border. These dreaded militants in turn indulge in subversive activities in which innocent lives are taken and property damaged. President also reacted on Pakistan’s theory of “non State Actors” and said that these actors didn’t come from heaven. They are Pakistani National; they receive training in terrorist camps established in Pakistan and POK. They are provided with logistic support in shape of latest modern weapons by Pakistani Army including latest communication gadgets.

Pakistan directly controls the militants and their mentor including separatist from across the border. It has also provided monitory support to militants and separatists. It also provides maps and militancy outfit to disguise sometimes as Army personnel and at other times as Police personnel. Pakistan always pushed the militants from the launching pad which is regular base of its army. When Indian Security forces have retaliated, they run away and return to their hideouts located at Pakistan’s soil. Most of them when neutralized in encounters by Indian forces bear proof of being Pakistan nationals or her army men. Such proofs have been given to Pakistan as well as several nations of the world who indirectly supports Pakistan for their Strategic benefits. Pakistan’s denial of having active role in sponsoring supporting and abetting these terrorist outfits cannot be accepted by any stretch of imagination. Different militant outfits have established their Headquarters on the Pakistan soil with active support of its Army & ISI. Pakistan put forth theory of freedom struggle of POK to liberate Kashmir from India and projected that POK Nationals have waging war against India not Pakistan. But the fact is that Pakistan has controlled POK ruthlessly and didn’t recognize the people of POK as their national till date and called them as “Muhazir”.

Taliban now the most fanatical and brutal Jihadis is the creation of Pakistan. At one time, the US did not oppose Pakistan to raise a new army of puritanical fundamentalists in Kandhar with the spurious nation of raising a new force that would put banditry activities of the boastful Mujahideen who ousted the Soviets from Afghanistan and established their rule over Kabul. Pakistan is utilizing these youth to fight both India and the forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban has been groomed along the vision of an international Islamic State or the caliphate. Pakistan’s adventurous religions Zealots thoughts of infusing their outfits with same fighting spirits. These fanatics have been bought up in a hate-Indian atmosphere. This gives an insight into how Pakistan has used these outfits against India. Pakistan Army considers these outfits as its “Strategic asset and Frontline defence”. When Pakistan began to feel the heat of international community calling her the epicentre of international terrorism it tried to wriggle out of defamation by pretending itself as a victim of terrorism.

Pakistan is wholly responsible for bringing out terrorism at the doorstep of India. Now when India tightens noose along LoC, the militant organization start striking within the Pakistan. Jirga leader and tribal lords in Pakistan are openly using these militant outfits for their control in respective belts but Pakistan spreads the propaganda that her army is fighting against the Taliban-Al-Qaeda, but it has been exposed by American troops in Afghanistan. President of India has categorically talk Pakistan to dismantle terrorist structure on her soil. Pakistan’s denial is outdated and only makes her a laughing stock. Peace talks will become meaningful only when Pakistan dismantles the terrorist structure and stops pushing militants inside the Indian Territory.





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