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Malala; A Ray of Hope for Women in Kashmir

Pakistan at least should learn lesson from teenager Malala Yousafzai who after surviving a Taliban assassination attempt last year. She said, “Killing People, torturing people and flogging people is totally against Islam. Malala was attacked by so called brave Tanzim Taliban near her home in Swat Valley of North West Pakistan. She was targeted for speaking in favour of girl’s right to education and the attack triggered global outrage. Dukhtran-e-milliat outfit should also learn lesson from her because this outfit is supported by separatists and against women education in Kashmir. Malala wants to change the future of her country and to make education compulsory. She prayed that one day people of Pakistan will be freed and have their rights.

There are several good reasons why this year’s Nobel peace prize should be awarded to her. The petition endorsing her nomination has already received support from an illustrious list of global personalities. That apart, Malala emerged as a champion of literacy and girl child education in extraordinary circumstances. Her life story stands out as a symbol of bravery and conviction like no other. She first provided evidence of the activist in her when she was invited to write a blog about life under the Taliban for the BBC in 2009. Highlighting her plight to obtain on education in a regressive environment, she instantly came to represent the struggles of the girl child in the Pakistan.

Despite the attack on her, Malala remains undeterred and has become an important voice for literacy and change. Rewarding her would not only recognize her courage and idealism, it would also sent out a strong message of human rights and gender equality in one of the most backward regions of the world, where people don’t have even the barest minimum and are forced to live in medival circumstances. She is indeed an icon of hope and courage for girls and women, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan where historically they have been targets of atrocities, ideological violence and other abominable crimes besides being victims of gender inequality. Malala’s grit and resolve to improve the lives of fellow women in Pakistan would deserve big recognition.

On the contrary, several militants’ outfits and so called well wishers of Kashmiri people are hell-bent to terrorise the female fraternity not to opt for Indian system of education. The girls cannot wear dresses of their own choice; they have to wear “Burkha” wherever they go. Expression of frustration, suppression and unlawful binding could be seen clearly on their faces. They are continuously threatened by the separatists not to go for higher education that too with their male counterpart. Kashmiri girls are second to none and earning name and fame in different fields but their numbers are less. But the public of Valley are not ready to keep their daughters and sisters at home. Rather they preferred to educate them as much as can. Now, it is the high time for women folk of Jammu & Kashmir to learn lesson from Malala and become a ray of hope for fellow women in backward areas of valley as well as Jammu province.





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