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Intentions of Pakistan about Kashmir

The recent killing of five foreign militants in North Kashmir Hafroods forests by security forces continue to indicate that foreign mercenaries are still bent upon to vitiate the security scenario of the Kashmir valley. It is also an indicative of continuous infiltration of terrorists from across the border. The infiltrators from across the border are trying to sneak into the valley for resorting to various types of onslaughts on the soil of India. The fact is supported by evidence when police claimed to have busted a module of Hizbul Mujahideen in the restive Sopor area of North Kashmir’s Baramulla Districts by having grilled four active members of the said Module. These Module members had killed one Special Police Officer apart from attack on sarpanch in the area of Sopore resulted in various injuries to him. The module has acted in accordance with the instructions form Hizbul-Mujahideen Supremo, Syed Sallah-ud-Din to resort to assault upon sarpanches in the area of Sopore.

The intentions of militant outfits from across the border are magnified to create trouble and disturbance in the Kashmir Valley. Their ultimate aim is to resort to subversive type of activity so as to create hatred amongst the people of Kashmir. Because, the forces operating against the interests of Kashmir are hell-bent to repeat the previously perpetrated situation so as to make the lives of innocent Kashmiris hell once again. But the chances of repetition of such an environment are quiet dim as Kashmiris have become enough aware to foil such evil attempts of Anti-national elements. The people of Kashmir are now full competent to fight against the militancy and militants. They have learnt lot from the previous follies committed in the past. They would never be ready to remain silent against their enemies. They have been quiet vigilant and extraordinary watchful against the apprehended evil plans of militants sneaking into the valley from across the border.

Our youth in Kashmir have really created space within the democratic system. The people of Kashmir are now fully conscious of their responsibility to dedicate themselves to make & see their Kashmir valley much more flourishing. They have already suffered immense political, social and economic miseries. They lost their kith & kins in the previous Kashmir militancy perpetrated from across the border. They are fully aware who was responsible for giving birth to such chaotic situation. They have not forgotten the woeful miseries suffered by them at the hands of terrorists from across the border.

Now, gone are the days to select the soil of Kashmir valley for creating trouble after trouble. Again gone are the days to tolerate the influence of evil eye of our neighbouring country. What is needed is to strengthen already developed social and communal harmony amongst the Kashmiris so as to give proper defeat to the elements operating against Kashmir. This would definitely send an appropriate message across the border about the intelligent opinion of Kashmiri masses about Pakistan. Every Kashmiri is fully acquainted with the internal problems and discriminative posture of Pakistan. Pakistan has itself utterly failed in delivering proper justice to its subjects. The previous regime holding reigns of Pakistan have never been fear towards their masses. Prior to the present regime, there was no let up in the terrorist attacks upon their own people. The close association of Taliban’s and ISI is purely responsible for regular massacres taking place inside Pakistan. ISI infect operates beyond the control of governance in Pakistan. ISI in Pakistan infact is responsible for the execution of veil plans even against Pakistan by always posing it’s arrogant posture against Pakistani leadership as well as its bureaucracy. In the new regime it is now time for all political hues in Pakistan to think of better and direct administration accordingly rather then acquiring the spoils of government. They need to institutionalize the arrangements which need to be set in the right direction to bring formidable transformation of mindset about India.

Pakistan needs to initiate steps to pacify public from both sides which has grown during the previous regimes. Pakistan needs to develop greater liberalism and economic good sense. It is a matter of pride that our Indian Nation is the home to a number of wonderful religious beliefs and ideologies which find respect in very corner of India. They need to shun the habit of customary regularity with which the Pak have been making promises of improved relationship with India in their battle against insurgents. Their inaptitude is characterized by their failure to wipe out the menace of terrorism. If their goal would have been benign; they could have focussed upon the real efforts to put an end to terrorist activities being perpetrated upon the Indian soil. The undesirable activities to which Pak terrorists have resorted are disturbing rather raising grave questions of human rights.





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