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False Propaganda of Pakistan & Separatists in Kashmir

For shaping Public opinion in today’s world, propaganda, either in favour or against acts as a very effective instrument. Highly developed information technology that we have today, propaganda has received impetus and also responsible for moulding public opinion. Propaganda acts as the primary instrument to shape the policies based on the public opinion in present era, particularly in democracies. Electronic & print Media have used to carry forward the propaganda campaign.

Ever since its creation, Pakistan has been indulged in anti-India propaganda so effectively. We have long line of control with POK and everybody know that there have been internal turmoil in Kashmir and Pakistan has always tried to drive extra mileage from this situation by unleashing false & baseless propaganda just to whip up the sentiments of the innocent people of Kashmir & POK. Pakistan has lost three battles in case of Kashmir; the game of propaganda is played deftly by itself. Pakistan poses his agenda in front of World by launching false propaganda that the militants are belonged to POK which is a part & parcel of Kashmir and Kashmiri people of POK is fighting against India to free Kashmir. But the world is wise enough to know the nefarious designs of Pakistan. Everybody knows that several militants are taking armed training in Pakistan and later on pushed inside India’s territory by using POK as a launching pad. Now Pakistan has adopted new propaganda by wearing the mask of “ceasefire” on the border but subsequently opened unprovoked firing and held militants’ outfits responsible for this act.

Recently, on the direction of Pakistan, separatists has also adopted a new propaganda by launching different attacks on security forces in the month of “Ramzan” and spread the rumours among local public that Indian agencies are hell-bent to derail the prevailing peace in the valley. But the fact is that they have responsible for militant activities in the valley with the aim to target the forthcoming elections in the State. Moreover, recent spurt in the militant’s activities have not only derailed the peace but also have an adverse affects on the tourism industry. Now, the time has come when the Kashmiri public will not support the false propaganda spread by separatists and Pakistan. Live example in front of us that they had half-heartedly supported frequent bandh calls. Separatists are now hiring outsides for stone pelting and subversive activities. They even tried to flare up the matter of Sumbal killings and Gool killings but all in vain. Thank to the matured public and youth of Kashmir, who played pivotal role to counter the propaganda of separatists.

It is the high time that public having to counter the fierce and false propaganda of Pakistan and separatists by projecting factual picture of things happening in J&K State.





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