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The Causes of Terrorism

Terrorism is perhaps one of the most challenging problems at this particular juncture. The unfortunate reality is that terrorism has gone global and every world citizen is equally susceptible and vulnerable. There is nowhere to hide. Every time you take a plane or a bus, or a train, you can't help wondering in the back of your mind, whether this could possibly be your last journey. The world has lost its innocence, not that there was much innocence earlier, but whatever there was, none exists now. It’s been stripped naked and you have the spectre of terrorism staring you in the face, challenging you and your way of life. We need to understand what are the causes of terrorism, a much debated question!!

Religion: Religion is considered the sole primary motivation to terrorism. Most terrorists use religious scriptures to justify their actions. In most times, the terrorists use religion to conceal or hide their political views, and generate support for their actions, and it is also used to silence opposition. Religion has been used to show terror to its followers and its non-followers. Terror has been used in various religions to instil fear among the followers or to set boundaries between religions. Religion has been used to terrorize and kill the people who oppose it. It has been used to make people turn against each other and kill each other. Symbolic acts such as those of blood sacrifice, self-sacrifice and martyrdom have throughout in history been used by terrorists with political and religious motivations. Terrorists use these methods that are borrowed from religions since they are considered to be efficient, inexpensive, and very easy to carry out, and they deliver the intended damage with minimal costs.

Unemployment and undemocratic governments: One of the most popular explanations is that unemployment breeds terrorism and hence is a cause of terrorism. Relatively well-off rich or middle class, well-educated terrorists, who've carried out or planned to carry out terrorist strikes. Unemployed youth are the easy trap to be motivated to join militancy. some terrorists do come from undemocratic governments, but not all terrorists come from undemocratic governments, so one can't just say broadly that undemocratic governments are in a way responsible for their citizens to become terrorists.

Alienated Intelligentsia/Intellectuals/Class of People: If you look at some of the high-profile conflict areas and the individuals involved, you almost always see that there is an intellectual class that rules the hordes of terrorists. There is a brain behind all the bombings you see, isn't there? And in most cases, these are educated, well-to-do people who have everything in life, but have a sense of disaffection/alienation. There aren't happy with the way the world is at present and want to do something about it. These are the most dangerous terrorists, far more than any of the foot soldiers who carry out the actual attack. These are the brains, who brainwash young confused men and quite often children as well.

Indoctrination: What happens when you teach a kid that A, B, C are your enemies and that they mean no good to your people. That these other people are in fact the devil and what have you. If you are brainwashed into thinking this from a young age, can you expect a well-rounded young man to emerge out of all of this? Don't think so. What you can expect to get with this kind of tutoring is in fact a Taliban, who has a worldview akin to a frog living in a well. No wonder then that these guys can do the worst atrocities and yet justify it on the basis of religion.

Ethnicity: The ethnicity and injustices (perceived or real) is one of the root causes of terrorism. While one may be brainwashed into thinking that your people are being persecuted, when in fact they are not, the truth is also that there are millions who are killed by their own, of the same ethnic group and religion. Saddam Hussein killed his own people for example and one can argue that he perpetrated the greatest amount of atrocities than any other foreign power, but yet he was viewed as a "hero" in his part of the world, by people of countries surrounding Iraq.

Charities that Aren't Charities: There are countless of these charities that collect funds in the name of various causes, but what they in fact do is to fund terrorism. As with any business, the business of terrorism needs funds, and this is by far the best way for terrorists to obtain funds; others being collecting ransom money, drug money, etc. There are also many countries that support these charities in the name of religion. They have millions of dollars to spend and they do so into funding these charities/religious schools, which in fact use these funds to fund terrorist activities/building more schools of indoctrination.

Terrorism is said to be based on terror. Terrorists aim at imposing fear and their own way of thinking and ideologies which may or may not be specific. Terrorism is an act of violence or threat that is unlawful and has an objective of exacting revenge, intimidating or influencing an audience. You may find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to stop a determined individual who wants to commit an act of terrorism, if he/she gets through all the security checks, etc. that you have in place, but there are some things that can be done to limit the spread of terrorism/blunt the support for terrorism.





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