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Anguish expressed by Kashmiris against perpetrators of crime.

One is taken by surprise as to why ANEs do not tolerate our peaceful and progressive Kashmir. It is being indicated in the context of the recent episode when militants shot dead a local politician at Sopore in Baramulla district. It was stated that he was called out by two young men who opened fire from point blank range. This is not a new thing for a common innocent Kashmiri. Everybody is in know of this clear fact that Kashmiris have suffered in the past heavily. Kashmiris have not forgotten the miseries suffered by them during Kashmir militancy and terrorism. Our neighbours across the border made all efforts to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Kashmir valley. They resorted to obnoxious subversive tactics to create disturbance in the whole of the state. They did not leave any stone unturned in haunting the innocent people of Kashmir. The chaos and mayhem created by them resulted in death and devastation. Similarly some antinational groups mostly from across the border in connivance with the separatists groups existing in the valley are mainly responsible for causing dent in the relationship of various communities. Prior to the Kashmir agitation Kashmiri Muslim and Hindus would lead their lives in proper unification of their ideology. It was in view of these reasons that cultural heritage, living and eating habitats of both Muslims and Kashmiri pundits used to be common which continue to uphold the same uptill now. This unchangeable factor common in both continues to maintain communal amity and social brotherhood. This ultimately showcases the energetic Kashmiriat possessed by the people of Kashmir. This is in fact the spirit of true Kashmiriat possessed by the Kashmiri people which put the forces who were inimical to the Kashmiriat to great defeat.

In fact the love and affection prevailing between the two communities played a very substantial contributory role in restoring peace and calm in the valley. It is in the context of this fact that worldwide nations rightly acknowledge Kashmiris’ peace overtures and sometimes even these nations dispatched experienced envoys various times to witness and asses the factual scenario. These envoys did not lack behind in condemning the perpetrated acts of militants which were unconscionable in nature. No less shocking is the cavalier manner in which Pakistani leadership of the time extended its support to the infiltrators from across the border to resort to different type of onslaughts in the valley and elsewhere. It was obvious that innocent common Kashmiri was due to be got afflicted by the militant scourge.

However sometimes overtly the Pak leadership was cosmetically candid enough to own up blames which many a times spoke of its bad culture of responsibility as well as lack of control over the terrorists being infiltrated from across the border at the behest of ISI.

The chores of public opinion against the misdemeanors of Pak leadership of the time reached enormous height. But the mentors across the border milked by the politicians of different stripes did not desist from their activities to harm Kashmiris. This resulted in a development that every Kashmiri was fully justified to express his anguish behavior by wailing and gnashing of teeth while condemning the perpetrating designs of terrorists upon the soil of Kashmir.

There is no denying that there was frequent disruption in Indo-Pak peace process dialogues which ultimately impacted the overall peace process between two nations. Pakistani leadership is mainly responsible for showing unworthy of running the gentlemen’s process for prevalence of peace on both sides. Despite all this Indian side always flagged concern in taking all possible measures to ensure effective executive action to reinvigorate LOC trade process which many a times derailed due to repeated conflictions in the wake of the unlawful activities resorted to by Pak army near the borders.

Now the things seem to have reshaped over the borders and also present Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif has been making gestures signaling willingness to improve relations with India. The inclusion of this fact is required to be invariably made over here that he signaled such opinion even before assuming formal charge. Now everybody is hopped with a positive change to proceed further with the Indo-Pak peace process dialogue.





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