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Misuse of Social Network in Kashmir valley

Misuse of social network has often seen in Kashmir valley recently. Mainly, it has been acted as base agent for spreading rumours particularly during the time of hanging of Afzal Guru, rockbandPragash and suicide of a Kashmiri youth at Hyderabad. Unscrupulous elements have posted objectionable photographs and comments regarding these two incidents in such way that it acted like adding fuel tothe fire. Lots of damage caused to innocent Kashmiri property and lives as well. There should be certain check on such social network sites by state government as well as investigating agencies. The highest rates of social media use in the world amid reports that social media was reported to be the medium of choice among young girls and women for chatting and keeping themselves updated on the latest social developments, arts and fashion trends. But,it has been often witnessed that filthy comments posted on the pages of females who belong to a well laid off families. Such acts may be booked under law and the culprits should be punished so that nobody can dare to repeat it again.

There were "segments" who were misusing social media to "demoralize young people and influence naive minds." Their attacks on the country aiming to cause chaos that can lead to death, destruction and the separation of families. Security and stability can only be achieved through the solidarity and united efforts to deter attempts to mislead naive and simpleminded people. These are those who attempt to undermine the status of Indian culture, while our enemies have been using means of destruction to create doubt, intellectual defect and ultimately, divisions within our society.

Online media networks have also been used by militants groups to propagate their ideologies and to enlist support from various countries. It has also been noticed that now a days militants are also using such social network sites to provoke innocent youth of Valley. They posted comments full of hatred messages along with anti-national photographs in order to provoke and misled the youth of Kashmir. Separatist are at its lowest ebb because of lack of support from local youth and now they are using these tools to flare up the matter of Jihad again and misguiding the youth by way of posting objectionable materials on social network sites. Kashmiri youth should be educated through an awareness campaign regarding negative effects of such social sites. Various Govt. agencies have increased their surveillance regarding Economic and logistic support to militants by separatists. They arrested and neutralize lots of such elements to control the militancy but now antinational elements are diverting towards such social network sites to fulfil their evil designs. We need to fight ideas promoted by ignorant people who want to change the teachings of Islam which is against any form of extremism and it has warned against the consequences of fanaticism.

The possible exploitation of children through the social networking websites has raised a question on how to protect children from such threats. The Kashmiri kids joining Facebook and other social networking websites and getting misled by adults. What we worried about are children who have been part of the social network and some adults misleading them and taking advantage. One should also concern about the use of their data by the adults for their advantage. The counsel for Facebook Inc. contended that the social networking site operated under the US law Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), as per which the site does not allows preteens. The court noted that the rights of the children in the US are protected by the COPPA, and asked what measures have been taken to protect the Indian children. "What will the Facebook do if a child is exploited online? Like American children, how do you protect the rights of Indian children," the court sought clarification from owners of social networking sites on how the children below 18 years were having accounts on social networking websites.

The issue of the misuse of social media sites is becoming more prevalent within the news as it is not only public and workers that are at fault but civil servants and police workers have also been disciplined over such matters. In this age of information sharing online, one can get confused about what social media content is appropriate and what is not. It can be difficult to monitor the use of the internet for the clients with employee monitoring services. A lot of the successes was through online monitoring to record all online activities on work PC’s, laptops and mobile phones. The information gathered can be viewed by management or business owners on a daily report. Other methods of gaining proof of employee misconduct has been collected through surveillance and hidden cameras throughout the workplace. Public is made aware that their online activities are being recorded and they are being monitored by investigating agencies. Social media sites are fantastic to keep in touch with people and to inform them of services and events but in my opinion it can also easily be misused.





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