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Need for Peaceful Summer

In the ensuing days the secretariat and other Government offices are shortly moving back to Srinagar the summer capital of J&K state in the wake of annual Darbar Move. It is obvious that most of the government employees will move to the summer capital to make the secretariat and other moving government offices operational in the summer capital. There will be again lot of hustle and bustle as per practice in vogue in the entire Kashmir valley. Similarly Kashmir has been the hub of tourists since beginning as such the sufficient influx of tourists is expected. In view of this there is utmost urge to have peace all around the valley and also in order to ensure that there is hassle free movement of tourists in every corner of the valley.

During the recent past, the valley witnessed repeated shutdowns, incidents of stone pelting and other objectionable activities at the hands of certain devious and unprincipled elements unfortunately existing in the society. Aftermath of the execution of Afzal Guru who was convicted for death penalty for striking in Indian parliament a decade back, the prolonged strikes and acts of stone pelting could not evoke much of response in view of the reasons that the people in Kashmir repose their faith in peace and are as such least interested in vitiating the peace full environ of the valley. All such activities previously perpetrated by ANEs at the behest of mentors across the border supported by Kashmir separatists proved an exercise in futility. The undesired activities resorted to by the ANEs were purely aimed at to disturb the tranquility and peaceful environment of the valley. This kind of their misdemeanor resulted in violence and disturbance in certain parts of the valley which ultimately affected the career of school/college going children as the educational institutions remained off in view of the apprehension of law and order problem. Similarly the business class had also to keep away themselves from the normal business schedule in view of the repeated hartal calls which must have definitely affected the fiscal status of such business class.

Unfortunately the terrorist activities engulfed the valley previously during Kashmir terrorism in a very bad way which lasted for about more than a decade and it adversely affected the influx of tourists from outside state in a big way. But, with the passage of time and greatness of almighty the tourist rush resumed only after the security scenario improved in the valley. Infact tourists started again landing into valley after 2005. Prior to this period especially in between 1990-2004, the tourist movement in the entire valley had come to almost standstill. It is infact the people of Kashmir who are prideful for having god’s given gift of spots which are indeed worth to be called the tourist resorts .Kashmir happens to be a place of tourist attraction and as such the tourists from rest of the parts of the country as well as outside country do visit the valley of Kashmir round the calendar year. Mostly the valley witnesses huge outside tourists rush from April to August as tourists from Mumbai, Gujarat visit valley in view of their summer holidays. Again the tourists from southern parts of the country take chance of visiting the valley during September/October and when the foreign tourists reach valley for their enjoyment during winter season. Since the whole valley is bounded by scenic nature all around, as a result of which, the outside tourists preferably plan to make comfortable prolonged halts in the valley. The spots which stand declared by the State Government as tourist resorts include Phalgam, Gulmarg, Mughal Gardens, Yusmurg, Dudpathri, Sunmarg, Patnitop, Bahufort etc.

It is also worthwhile to make a mention of this a prudent fact over here that with the Kashmir valley being one of the most fascinated tourist resorts, the state of Jammu and Kashmir also happens to be one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations as well. The pilgrimage destinations include Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Holy Cave of Shri Amarnath Ji, Jammu–a city of Temples, Kheer Bhawani, Martand, Hari Parvat Fort etc. Tourists while taking an opportunity of making visit of the valley also take chance of paying their obeisance at the aforesaid shrines and temples.

The frequent tourist visits to the state of Jammu and Kashmir especially valley enables the entrepreneurs to enjoy their flourishing trade and thus they become able to give zest to their business establishment. The articles like Kashmir embroidery, Wood carving, Handy crafted items etc get sold like hot cakes which enables the Kashmir traders to earn handsome dividends through the thriving sale of their products. Similar is the case with the traders of Jammu especially of the township of Katra who also receives an opportunity of making stunning sale of their products to the tourist pilgrims who happen to visit Mata Vaishno Devi shrine en-route on their visit to the valley. In the valley the Taxi, Shikara and other transport operators take due advantage of their earnings for their livelihood easily through the movements of tourists in the entire State. Again the houseboat owners who provide accommodation to the visitors in the beautiful Dal Lake and Jhelum River also earn handsome profit out of their business.

The aforesaid expectations are only possible this year also if the Kashmiris would ensure complete peace all around the valley. There is a need for peace full Kashmir for successful Kashmir tourism. During previous Kashmir militancy and Kashmir terrorism the people of the valley suffered heavily on account of huge loss caused to their business exchequer. Kashmiri mostly does opt lead his life through multi -natured tradesman ship. The previous unfortunate days prevented the tourists to step into the valley in view of the turmoil which lasted for more than one and half decades .The inimical forces who are against the good interest of Kashmiris did not leave any stone unturned in attempting to devastate the future fate of innocent Kashmiris. These elements brought noting for Kashmiris except woeful miseries which up till now remain loomed in our innocent brains. But it is the Kashmiri youth who stood up and courageously challenged the onslaughts perpetrated upon the soil of Kashmir and thus thwarted the evil plans of enemies to destroy Kashmir.

It is hoped that unscrupulous elements also living within our societal setup shall certainly refrain themselves from their indulgence in any such acts as may be aimed at to disturb the coming tourist season .It is an hand folded appeal to them to rectify their attitudinal follies committed by them in the past otherwise the poor and innocent Kashmiris who want to lead their lives purely on their trade could not be able to compensate the losses suffered by them during the previous years of Kashmir militancy. Apart from this such business class people of the valley would never forgive them for their blunders deliberately committed by them. It is urged that everybody should maintain utmost calm and peace throughout the fast approaching tourist season so that Kashmir tourism spirit could be carried on with its traditional vigor.

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is making very hectic efforts to promote the values of tourism in the state. Previously the government was extra ordinary serious to establish golf tourism in the valley as we do have very good golf potential in our state. The sole aim of state administration is to give much impetus to the state tourism. The government is required to keep adequate necessary infrastructure of national and international standard readily available which could pave way to keep the perpetual sprit of Kashmir tourism intact.





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