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Optimistic Approach of Kashmiri

The people of Kashmir who are known for their optimism appear to have completely fed up of the pessimistic ideology of forces believing in separatism. The ideology of innocent Kashmiri youth completely differ the separatist opinion. The forces believing in secession always attempt to raise issue mostly having bearing on separatism. This handiwork of separatists enables them to pave way to disturb the fragility of the environment conducive for everyone to spend peaceful days. Every Kashmiri is now in know of this real fact that Pakistan having leanings towards existing separatists in the State of Jammu & Kashmir has never wanted prosperous Kashmir. They have always been perpetrating criminal activities upon the soil of Kashmir> TI is the concrete reason that Pakistan unabatedly and wholeheartedly operate to promote terrorism in the valley which include infiltration, ex-filtration, resorting to subversive activities causing explosions and murderous assaults etc. But despite the consistent efforts of Pakistan to create all such misdemeanors today’s Kashmiri youth do not listen to them instead overpower all such elements through the application of an element of wisdom. It is also in view of this very fact that the appeal of both the groups of Hurriyat Conference went unheard before the international bodies which have desisted from their intervention into the internal matters of Jammu & Kashmir. The tacit understanding of Pakistan and separatist forces of the Kashmir valley has actually became fully exposed before the people of Kashmir and the people of Kashmir have become fully aware of the unholy intentions of both. This fact has became prudently evident due to the whole hearted and true efforts of Kashmiri youth who have never turned back in giving complete defeat to the evil ideology of such inimical forces. Every Kashmiri is cherished to live with his belief of keeping peace.

The recent violation of ceasefire upon line of control has caused distrust between the two nations. This mistrust has caused serious skirmishes which could certainly impede the process of initiate dialogue between two nations to reach bilateral solution from both sides otherwise the peace process is bound to come to stand still which would lead to add to the already complexes situation. Such an unbalanced environment leaves its impact upon security scenario of both the countries. The unwarranted environment leads to create doubts in the mindset of the respective nationals. There is an immediate need to balance the relationship at least in the interest of the people of both the nations. The recent resumption of bus trade upon LOC has reunited the locals of both sides of the LOC. This is the reason that this step of resumption of normalization over LOC has been appreciated from all sides. The forces that have remained adamant to oppose such an appreciative act should be considered greater enemies to Kashmir masses and their Kashmiriyat.

In real terms such forces have never wished tight relationship between India and Pakistan. Now in view of such an unbecoming attitudinal behavior of such forces, the people of Kashmir have every reason to discard them out rightly. Common Kashmiri is already ware of the gimmicks of such ANE groups who have close and tacit nexus with militant and terrorist outfits operating as per the directives from across the border. Kashmiri civil societal set up cannot be now deceived in any way as they have since awakened from the deep glumber. Their aim is now only to spread peace and communal harmony. Kashmiri youth is desirous to see prosperous Kashmir so as to provide good opportunities to the maximum number of youth to work for developmental activities to achieve success in various spheres of sports, educational innovations etc.

Prevalently Pakistan has not even spared its own nationals from the onslaughts of terrorist attacks being made by Pakistan upon its own soil. Day by day the situation in Pakistan is becoming grim due to the frequent terrorist attacks being resorted to by Talibanis with the tacit and close association of ISI. There is no respite in such attacks upon the soil of Pakistan. This is all the more sufficient to unveil the real efforts of Pakistan to associate itself with other Nations to ensure complete wiping out of menace of terrorism. Again the recent fidayeen attack in Srinagar city is an indicative towards the real fact that despite the fact that Kashmiris previously suffered miseries at the hands of terrorists operated from Pakistan, Kashmir still continues to be the soft target of our enemy. Pakistan in association with separatist forces in the valley tries to create unrest by giving calls for shutdown, provocating people (youth) to indulge in stone pelting. But all such tactics of Pakistan and separatists prove useless in view of the reason that Kashmiri people only want to live in peace. The previous militancy and Kashmir terrorism have made them worrying for their lost kith and kin’s. There is no space for such forces in the innocent Kashmir hearts.





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