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Illogical Interference Of Pakistan Towards Kashmir

The recent terrorist attack in Srinagar city in Bemina area is a transparent indicative that Kashmir continues to be in the target of our enemy. Thanks to the great almighty that Jammu and Kashmir Police Public School was off on the day when the attackers attacked CRPF personnel in the Police Public School playground otherwise the causality could have been in the increased number. It is once again a proper reminder to the peace-loving citizenry of Kashmir to remain extraordinary cautious against the evil designs of their enemy. The anti-national elements (ANEs) have sensed peaceful atmosphere in the coming summer and in order to initiate potential efforts for another build up of public disaffection, their efforts seem to have started coming to surface.

The peace lovers of the valley have again to come on the forefront to overpower such bad elements, who are hell-bent to disturb our coming tourist business. In-fact the attack was carried out on a day when separatist forces in the valley had forced people through various types of intimidatory tactics to resort to complete shutdown in the valley while demanding the handover of the body of Afzal Guru who was hanged and buried in Delhi’s Tihar Jail for conspiring terrorists attack on Parliament during 2001. There is sufficient evidence to develop belief that Pakistani intelligence agency is directly and clearly involved in sponsoring and abetting the attack which unfortunately took place in the Public School playground. The documentary evidence and the arms & ammunition procured by these Pakistani terrorists are substantially sufficient to substantiate the participation of Pakistan in accomplishing the evil attack on the soil of this state. It is very difficult fact to explain as to why Pakistan outrightly disowns the attack carried out at its behest. In-fact there has not been any big respite in such terrorist attacks from the Pakistani side. As a matter of fact Pakistan freely encourages the tacit understanding between ISI and its own leadership.

It is a known fact that Pakistan would never desist from its indulgence in pocking its nose in the matters of the Jammu & Kashmir State. It unnecessarily involves itself in highlighting the internal matters of the State. Similarly, Pakistan National Assembly recently passed a resolution supporting the so-called struggle of the Kashmiris. Again the Pakistani leadership especially its lawmakers condemned Afzal Guru’s hanging apart from vowing support to so-called Kashmir movement. This again clearly amounts to unnecessary interference in the matters of the State.

But there is a good and sufficient reason to be cautious against the unholy designs of Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI. The biggest challenge that the people of kashmir have to face is to conclusively prove that every Kashmiri is a proactive in foiling the diabolic plans of terrorists infiltrating from across the border. Also the Kashmiris have to be followed up for a longer time to assess the brains operational to be responsible for masterminding the situation for again bringing unrest in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly the Administrative machinery is also very much required to operate proactively to ensure the immediate implementation of the corrective measures against the perpetration of aggressive situation by the forces bent upon to vitiate the peaceful environment of the State in general and valley in particular.

One is allowed to assess freely that how such type of diabolic activities being carried out at the behest of Pakistani terrorist outfits could easily affect the dialogue process in future in a big way. It would impliedly diminish the ways and means which could pave way to solve the certain pending issues outstanding between the two Nations obviously; it is as yet too early to believe that Pakistan in future is going to disassociate itself from such sinful actions. In political terms all such actions full of misdemeanors of Pakistan could impede the Indo-Pak Peace Process. As, it would add to the already complexed grievances. Politically the Indo-Pak peace process is actually to address and redress the grievances of both the Nations bilaterally.

It is advisable for Pakistan as well as it is in the interest of Pakistan that it needs to shun the offensive polity and refrain from resorting to onslaughts and other miseries for innocent Kashmiris who have already suffered beyond their tolerance the woeful, miserable and other intimidatory tactics posed by Pakistan earlier especially during Kashmir terrorism. Kashmiris still remember the nature of injuries and hurts suffered by them due to the loss of their kith & kins in the previous Kashmir militancy. Now Kashmiris are completely awakened and fully competent to face the tricky tactics of their enemy. They are fully aware to its subversive policy which is mainly aimed at to give rise to disaffection among the peaceful masses of Kashmir.

The separatist groups existing in the State try to harp on issues of very little importance in order to create an atmosphere in the valley which is thought conducive for militants to remain clandestinely operational. These separatists are infact being misled by the Pakistani leadership who is closely associated with various terrorist outfits in Pakistan. Clandestine flow of funds also plays its main role in terrorist operations. Pakistan persuades separatists to build up such situation in the valley as could frequently give rise to the disaffection among Kashmiris. Unfortunately the groups believing in separatism in the State of Jammu and Kashmir become somewhat mechanical in their behavior while attempting to implement the plans decided by their mentors across the border. They (separatists) try to give frequent shutdown calls, useless registering of protests, resorting to stone pelting, damaging of public property and other allied nature of unwarranted activities. How much better it would have been, if good sense would have prevailed upon separatist members and we could have been able to vanish our enemy once for all as their attempts to perpetration of offensive plans could have been of no meaning.





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