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Role of peace-builders in fighting their enemy

Following conflict erupted during 1947-48, Jammu and Kashmir resulted in forcible partition and ceasefire was decided to be exercised under the supervision of United Nations and the Line between the two parts was rechristened as line of control. This was followed by another two wars between India and Pakistan in 1965 and 1999. Earlier in between during the onset of 1989 Pakistan’s secretly prepared game plan “Operation To Pak” during the regime of General Zia-Ul-Haq, the then Pakistan President came to surface. This plan tried to leave no stone unturned in attempting to give rise to complete death and devastation in the various parts of Jammu and Kashmir State. This highly secret and underground gimmicks of Pakistan attempted to vitiate the peaceful environ of Jammu and Kashmir State and ultimately gave birth to militancy in Kashmir. In fact, the said secret unholy plan was aimed at to create terrorism in order to give birth to mayhem and massacre like situation in the various parts of the State.

As far as Kashmir centric information is concerned the militant outfits intimidated innocent Kashmiris apart-from resorting to subversive plans and other onslaughts. This highly impacted upon Kashmir tourism, culture and health infrastructure and thus the Kashmir agitational terrorism continued for about a decade. Pak involvement in Kashmir terrorism and agitation lasted for many years. This was in view of the fact that Pakistan had become epicenter of terrorism.

But the people of Kashmir remained on the front face to give befitting reply to the plans proposed and implemented by Pakistan to create complete unrest in Jammu and Kashmir State in general and Kashmir valley in particular. To make the situation more complex in the valley, the forces believing in separatism came to surface in a clandestine manner at the initial stage. The main aim of separatist’s was to enable proper implementation of the plans designed by ISI and Pakistani leadership against the people of Kashmir. Since all these planned programmes were completely diabolic in character and as such remained aimed at to resort to onslaughts, woeful miseries and anxieties for Kashmiri innocents.

In-spite of all such perpetration of highly aggressive environ by the forces from across the border various local gentries especially among intellectuals and educationists who completely did nave faith in peace-building intervened to diffuse explosive situation created by the inimical forces. The anti-national forces prevailed in the State operating at the behest of mentors in Pakistan misguided a section of youth ranging between 15-20 years of age so as to allure them. These forces tried to generate motivational energy among these youth, which led the latter to acquire arms training imparted to such youth by the militants. This resulted in eruption of conflict amongst the alienated youth with one another as the motive behind this was to provide potential force to locally and intentionally sponsored violative and explosive issues to result in large scale violence in the valley.

But the peace-builders of the valley and elsewhere in the State exerted hard and with due patience, care and caution worked whole heartedly to end the violence. In a worrying scenario for maintaining internal security in the valley every common Kashmiri who is known by his real Kashmiriyat confronted tooth and nail all such perpetrations of incriminating plans which were being made only because of the indigenously flow of funds and other financial aid besides huge arms and ammunition from across the border.

Mentors across the border exhorted the separatists to unite strongly, try to put on their views through media so to give impression to the world community that Kashmiris were fighting for their so-called cause. But on this front Pakistan could not achieve any substantial success as the peace-loving people of Kashmir who applied much more importance to the teaching of the Saints and Sufis of Kashmir defeated their meaningless aim. Kashmiris have always been peace-loving believing in communal brotherhood and social amity apart from coexistence. The peace-builders remained not only careful but also extra vigilant and cautious against any undesirable activity of their enemy. These peace-loving youth breathlessly witnessed the sinister course charted by enemy that would always likely lead the situation down a path to ultimately result in pain and miseries. The peace lovers of the valley acted in such a way which brought the normalcy back to the State with the passage of time and the mind boggled forces had no alternative except to retrieve back.

Despite the repeated defeats experienced by Pakistan and the facts thereof supported by the Kashmir territory Historical/Geographical facts, Pakistan still continues with the ideological belief in creating terrorism and extremism. Now the Pak in association with its ISI Wing has gone a step forward in creating trouble through terrorist attacks on its own soil and on the soil of other country which has now assumed the shape of a regular feature. The country becomes least caring about its own subject how could it care about the safety of human beings of other nation.

One of the best defenses against subversive aims of our enemy is sense of solidarity to be exhibited by all Kashmiris against the tacit game plan of Pakistan. By showcasing such sense of solidarity existing in our already systematized attitudinal behavior, we could be able to make the application of this tool in achieving successful overpowering the offensive capabilities of inimical forces. Similarly, the separatist forces who try to generate among themselves the energy to subvert democracy through their politics would always prove notable failures before our secular forces which are already ready to contest their ill polities and ideology. It would always be highly significant to witness that how social and communal harmony of Kashmiri peace-loving masses would continue to garner support from all corners to end the chapter on radicalism perpetrated by undesired elements.





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