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Not To Heed Upon Baseless Rumours

Jammu and Kashmir bounced back to normalcy after curfew and strike for so many days following the execution of Afzal Guru. Resumption of normalcy was partly attributed to massive overnight rumours regarding handing over Guru's mortal remains to the family. Rumours reached a level on social website that some even has suggested the family to have a calm, private burial. By afternoon when it was clear that it is not happening, a mood swing took over. Separatist has exploited the situation and played with the emotions of Kashmiri People by announcing the violent protests. They should not play with the emotions of innocent Kashmiri people who were witnessing a peaceful time for the last two years. Unscrupulous elements supported by Hardliners should not post baseless stories on these social networking sites because it could give a fillip to deceitful causes. Though most of north Kashmir and Srinagar stayed incident free, there were protests in south Kashmir that too of false Rumour again. This time the rumour was death of an elderly lady by the army. But, the fact was that death of an elderly lady in a south Kashmir village owing to cardiac arrest had already sent residents on the roads.

Within hours after the incident, separatists came with their nefarious design by projecting the protesting calendars. Protest calendars have hinted at the larger reality that the separatists are unwilling to bury the issues. But very soon, the separatists have got a jolt when majority of the Kashmiri People rejected their protesting calendars. Apparently aware of the simmering discontent, one of the politicians had asked all the mainstream parties to have a joint sitting so that a joint strategy is framed over the issue. But his initiative clandestinely supported by separatist has too failed. This time Kashmiri public didn’t believe on baseless rumours spread by anti national elements.

Besides, one more rumour spread by Separatist to boost their past old dying rumours regarding the death of a Kashmiri student in Hyderabad. We should criticize the separatist leadership for announcing shut down and protests against the death of a Kashmiri student in Hyderabad, without knowing truth behind the death was an attempt to mislead people. The protest calendar is based on rumours and the separatists have announced it without knowing the facts. Basically, they are as usually exploiting the emotions and trying to spread panic among people through such calls. They don’t know what the case is about and announced protests on the basis of rumours. A case stands registered in one of the Police Station of Hyderabad and investigations are going on. The dead body of the deceased student has handed over to their family for performing last rites. Such false rumours have acted just like termites which are engulfing kashmiri society as a whole slowly and steadily. Kashmiri people are fed up with this rumour politics being played by separatists since 20 years and already caused a huge loss to lives and property. People should not give ear to such baseless rumours and not to support those people who are spreading it.





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