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Need for improvement in bilateral relationship

Pakistan tried its level best to Internationalize tension at the border. The promises made by both the Nations regarding resolution of all outstanding issues bilaterally do not stand now anywhere. Although Indian Leadership has made it transparently clear that all issues need to be resolved bilaterally in order to reach some amicable solution acceptable to both. The Pakistan should have remained stick to its promises and instead it tried to find a scope for third party intervention. The third party intervention is not in any way acceptable to India. There does not seem to be any other alternate process to resolve the issue except already accepted bilateral process for which reaffirmations already stand made by both the countries. Indian External Affairs Minister Shri. Salman Khurshid has already cleared his side to the effect that the issues warrant bilateral settlement. In fact he has reiterated India’s position of coming to negotiating table to achieve amicable settlement of all the issues within bilateral purview. However, it was known that the issue of tension at LoC remained under confliction at the Security Council over the relevant or irrelevant existence of United Nations Military observer Cell on the LoC in the State of Jammu & Kashmir and consequently UN Group is of the view to initiate enquiries into the issue. Since India is not in favour of Internationalizing the issue as such has out rightly rejected the view of UN Group to initiate enquiries.

In case the prevalent environmental situation continues, it would result in further deterioration of relationship between two countries. Under these circumstances it would not be advisable in the good interest of things for both the Nations to allow the prevalent situation escalate further as the same is bound to jeopardize the conducive scenario for holding bilateral talks in the coming days. There is an immediate need to contain the situation otherwise all hopes could dash to the ground. It would be highly appreciative for both the Nations to create pleasant and favorable scenario which would enable both to hold discussions on all relevant issues in a free and frank atmosphere. People of both sides especially the people of Jammu & Kashmir expect tangible suggestive measures to their problems. Rather they have been looking forward since long to achieve better results of bilateral talks between both the Nations. As a matter of fact the situation warrants proving more amiable which may be acceptable to the people’s perspective. Perception of people occupies top most priority in extending cooperation to take decisive decisions on important aspects.

As far as the role of UN Group on LoC is concerned, it indeed seems to have failed to maintain its duty for which it was kept existent. Had its role been substantially appreciative and beneficial, the repetition of violations of ceasefire would not have come to surface. The group was set up after 1947 after Indo-Pak Conflict perhaps in 1949 with a view to allow it to exercise its proper supervision over the ceasefire at the Line of Control with the sole objective of prevention of eruption of trouble at LoC. This is an utmost need on the Pakistan side that they should exhibit proper fairness in their dealing. The Pakistani leadership needs to shun the habit of erupting trouble at LoC by resorting to unprovoked firing over the borders. They need to desist from their indulgence in tacit ideology which is bound to result in giving rise to further skirmishes.

In-spite of all such created situation, Kashmiris do express firm hope of keeping situation peaceful as they have indeed exhibited their devotional zeal and enthusiastic capacity to defeat the unholy plans of those forces that have always been inimical to Kashmir and Kashmiris. They have never lagged behind in giving notable defeat to those whose ideology was always bent upon to create unrest in the valley. All Kashmiris are quite capable to overcome the obstacles being put forth by the ANEs in order to create trouble for them. In fact they are fully capable to distinguish between real friend and foe. Gone are the days when Kashmiris were taken as gullible and for granted while deciding their future? Each and every Kashmiri have now every right to decide his right or wrong as he is not now burden on anybody is shoulder. He has realized that how much progress he has achieved now especially in the areas of culture, sports, education etc. It is only because of his real belief in prevalence of peace and humanism which he has taught from Sufis and Sants who have taken birth on the soil of Jammu & Kashmir. Every Kashmiri cherishes to continue with this holy belief of keeping peace all around.





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