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Pointless Strikes and Protests In Kashmir

The real cause for the rising pitch of protests and strikes in the valley again stirring up the bad element to harm the society in many ways. During two decades due to illegal strikes, Kashmir has lost precious lives, property worth billions of dollars and much more. Besides, Valley has also lost over 1,500 working days (more than four years) to separatists’ shutdown calls in the past 20 years, dealing a crippling blow to its ailing economy. The tourism industry of the scenic Valley, ringed by Himalayan peaks and dotted with mirror-calm lakes, shimmering streams and dense pine and conifer forests, is frequently disrupted by strikes and violent protests over the separatist cause. According to the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the region loses 100 million rupees for every day of shutdown. It appears that the separatists are extracting revenge from innocent ordinary people of the valley rather than taking revenge from the perpetrators of this crime. The Public has suffered a lot due to frequent shutdowns that have severely dented Kashmir’s tourism industry and education.

The people of valley are now a day’s thinking about the problem of growing unemployment, prise rise, education of their children and to earn daily bread for their livelihood. The strikes will not only inflict big losses on the economy but also causing inconvenience to general public. It would suspend emergency health services and rob millions of workers in valley the opportunity of earning the daily wages on which they subsist. Hurriyat conference and its allies are enjoying the hospitality being provided from across the border in the shape of illegal hawala money. They are also using this money to distribute among stone pelters whom they have engaged on daily basis. Once again Separatists were responsible for playing with the sentiments of Kashmiri public who provoked them for stone pelting and thus caused loss to human lives and property as well.

The public of Kashmir has once again acted with great sense of maturity to deal with these pointless strikes and defused the situation to take ugly turn. Full marks to Police and Para-Military Forces who have shown utmost restraint and patience to protect the precious lives and property of innocent kashmiri public. Due to these illegal strikes of separatists, tourism and trade industries have suffered a setback and thus caused monetary loss to businessmen as well as general kashmiri public who wholly solely depend upon it. The reaction of the poor people could be judged from their faces. They were feeling helpless and literally begging for early restoration of peace in valley. It is the high time for kashmiri people not to support such illegal and violent protests. They should strive for living peaceful and a dignified life.





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