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Progressive Kashmiri Youth

It has been closely witnessed that some elements, who have been hell-bent to create problematical and unpleasant environ in the valley try their utmost level best to give vent to the feelings and ideologies of certain ANEs (groups) existing in the valley. It is distinctly clear that they intend to create unrest and thereby disturb the peace and tranquility of the region. All this is frequently propagated through the columns of certain local dailies. All such elements attempt to issue provocative statements by asserting that so-called Kashmir movement was being diverted could hold good for a few people but the masses could come forth with a concrete proof that their sentimental determination regarding the movement continue to exist.

These elements have tried to mislead the masses of Kashmir to the extent by calling upon them that New Delhi has not lost anything and it was actually Kashmiris who suffered and faced bullets while showcasing sign of solidarity with the slain militants. All such provocative assertions made by these elements do have very least impact upon the sentimental feelings of peaceful Kashmiri. Gone are the days when an innocent Kashmiri was enticed by such inimical forces. Kashmiri people have realized that peace is the ultimate remedial measure against all evils and odds. In-fact Kashmir people are fully matured to identify their friend and foe. Common Kashmir now does not lag behind in lashing out at such elements who peruse them to resort to such pessimistic approach. Innocent common Kashmir hardly bothers about the gimmickry tactics of such ANEs groups.

All Kashmiris have reached the correct conclusion that every antinational element leader of the valley does have nexus with militant and terrorist outfits and thus they try to keep the innocent people of Kashmir a readily available fodder for the terrorist outfits. A day is not far away when these groups shall have to be answerable before Kashmiri civil societal setup. It is because of these so-called leaders that Kashmiris had to suffer miserably during the recent past days. It is because of the polities of these so-called leaders that large number of innocent people of Jammu & Kashmir lost their kith & kins in the previous years. Now enough is enough. For how long capacity of innocent people to tolerate such miseries would continue with them. There definitely needs to be an end to such unwarranted and sister designs.

Today’s youth of Kashmir has become fed up of all such subversive ideologies as are processed by the ANEs. The youth today are worried about their future progress. They peruse their prospective development. They want to show flourishing progress in various developmental spheres like education, sports, career planning, educational innovations etc. with this very background in view they want to keep themselves fully busy with all such programmed activities. They do not have time to exhibit their indulgence in political games. They are desirous to make themselves fully competent to face the competitive challenges in the field of education and they would continue to rededicate their entire capabilities to overpower the diabolic plan being time and again engineered by the perpetrators of aggression.

The forces who believe that Kashmir is a vexed problem actually exhibit appeasement policies towards their paymasters. They carry on with this policy to force the latter to keep the flowing of funding on which enables the latter to mint money to build their houses and to become rich overnight. The clandestine following of funds towards such forces sometimes enables them to keep the pot boiling for some time. But all such tacit tricks get exposed before the people within no time and this way the antinational elements are put to great defeats. Similarly the forces which are highly inimical to Kashmiris have taken pledge to undermine the economical status of our nation in general and Jammu & Kashmir in particular as such they try to leave no stone unturned in circulating fake currency apart from their indulgence in Narco Dollar trade. But with the close cooperation of people of Kashmir their designs of activities have always been foiled as people have always discarded such undesirable attempts.

So a very clear cut message needs to go to the minds of such perpetrators of crime that people of Kashmir time & again reject their unholy plans full of sins. The traditional amity and social harmony coupled with exemplary brotherhood have given an appropriate reply to the evil ideology of crime perpetrators. By giving such appropriately effective reply Kashmiris clearly conveyed to their enemy that they could never be wean away by their tactics in view of the fact that Kashmiri people are now fully aware of the potential harms and miseries brought by their enemies for them in the past which resulted in the heave loss to the Kashmir tourist industry, entrepreneurs of Kashmir, students community, down trodden societal set up etc.





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