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Necessity for Fencing on LoC

The Kashmir separatist forces existing in the valley try to create misunderstanding amongst people of Kashmir as far as fencing along the LoC is concerned. In fact some of the areas have proved to be most vulnerable to infiltration during the past several years. In order to make these areas infiltration frees from across the LoC, concerned agencies have no other alternative except to fence the LoC which would certainly help in curbing the infiltration from across the border. One is taken by surprise as to why the separatist forces of Kashmir feel it an improper step and have decided to oppose the move tooth & nail. Since it becomes all the more mandatory to stop the illegal entries into this side of LoC as such there does not need to be any further doubt for the steps taken by the Indian Army to stop such clandestine and illegal infiltration from across the border.

By keeping borders-free to such infiltration from Pakistan through these pours-borders Kashmiris feel themselves unsecured as the infiltrating from across the border create terrorism & militancy upon the sort of the State. It has become already all the more clear that both the Nations i.e. India & Pakistani leadership have allowed the people of both sides of Jammu & Kashmir to cause contact with each other. The routes already stand opened at various places on the Line of Control (LoC). People living on both sides have been frequently visiting each other. Similarly, trade through LoC is also being carried on by the entrepreneurs of both sides. There are no restrictions upon legal coming and going for people belonging to both these. However, the fresh views of Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq need to be endorsed for unifications of two divided parts as the portion across the border has been illegally captured by Pakistan.

In fact fencing over borders is only to prevent the process of infiltration from across the border. It is worldwide know that Pakistan continuous to indulge in promoting terrorism apart-from circulating fake currency. All these activities of Pakistan need to be stopped. So fencing of LOCs is one of the effective measures against such activities. The routes which are already opened for frequent movement are not fenced at all and people from both sides are free to carryon economic interaction between the two sides. Similarly, as far as the views of Hurriyat Conference (G) are concerned that it would oppose both opening of routes and fencing of LOCs as both these initiatives are going to leave adverse impact upon the situation in Kashmir do not carry any weight-age. So the appeal of both the groups of Hurriyat Conference to the international community to intervene into the issue relating to fencing of LoCs would be of no purpose. Their point of view to emerge J&K as a single entity does not carry any logic.

People of Jammu & Kashmir especially the populace of valley have become well acquainted with the historical facts. The people of the State do not believe in separatism. They are peace loving citizens and do not tolerate the outside interference in their mindset. They want educational avenues to put an end to their unemployment problem. The youth of the valley want to architect their future career so as to lead much progressive and flourishing lives coming in future. Kashmiri people are busy with the job of consoling the grieving families of the victims of previously perpetrated terrorism from across the border and have prepared themselves by vowing to use their courage to prevent any such recurrence of perpetration of crime in Kashmir. Kashmiris are now highly alert to misdemeanors caused on the front of previous militancy as most of the families are still continuing to be under great grief caused in the wake of terrorism from across the border.

Most of the elements from across the border, which are guilty of the terror strikes, are yet to bring to justice. Since the menace of terrorism leaves its adverse impact upon various aspects one of which could be held highly responsible for fostering closer relationship between the two Nations. In view of this, the measures to wipeout terrorism on any soil deserves to be essentially taken which otherwise could hinder the steps towards progress in a big way. So the forces which unnecessarily continue to harp upon Kashmir situation need to essentially desist from passing such controversial versions backed by Pakistan. The views of separatists about the calls reiterated by Pakistani leadership to focus attention on Kashmir would not have now any impact upon the citizenry of Jammu & Kashmir as they are fully competent to see through the tacit tactics of Pak leadership. Their calls could any time trigger very harsher reply to them by the people of Jammu & Kashmir. As a matter of fact these are the forces from across the border which was responsible for giving rise to militancy which resulted in mayhem and chaotic situation during the previous years. This is an indicative of Pak involvement in Kashmir terrorism & agitation.





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