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Negative Thinking Against Music By Hardliners Of Kashmir

You can see the ill effects of social networking site i.e. face book from where some unscrupulous elements posted their unparliamentarily remarks to harass the young budding Artist of the valley. Incidentally, these artists are female and they created history through their talent by creating first ever girls rock band namely “Pragaash” in valley. Such abuses & threats forced them to quit singing. A member of the band had announced to call it quests as a gesture to respect the decree of Kashmir’s grand mufti who found singing un-Islamic.

Many women Sufi music troupe comes from a much comparative Muslim society of Iran but has never faced any “Fatwa” from clerics unlike the young girls’ band of Kashmir due to religious edicts. These girls made a wave by showing their scintillating performance at a cultural show in the valley. The audiences had shown their overwhelming response to that show but facing strong resistance from so called contractors of Islam including Hurriyat conference and militant organizations.

Hats off to the Police Deptt., who swiftly took action in this matter and arrested two youths in connection with the online abuses and threats to the said band party. Till date hundred and thousands of encouraging messages received by the said group to carry on with their singing. The women band received such messages not only from India but all over the world. I must say signing or any other musical activity is absolutely not “Haram”. Muslims sects have a very renowned Gharanas so far as music is concerned. Music has no religion. They should go on. They should not stop. They should continue with propagating the message of peace and love through their talent/art.





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