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Frustrated Pakistan

Pakistani Rangers with the help of their Army units have been firing at border posts in different sectors of J&K State. Pak Army is actively involved in opening heavy firing with Mortar along LOC. Their aim & objectives are to give cover to the militants camping all along the LOC to infiltrate into our state. Taking the benefits of winter weather, when the dense fog engulfs ridges and nullahs reducing the visibility to almost zero. Such conditions are conducive to infiltrate as they could not be detected easily by Security forces and Pak Army watches every opportunity that would facilitate the sneaking of militants. Different cadre of militant organizations and Pakistani’s ISI are frustrated due to long wait along the camps makes them restive and apprehend that their continued inaction could become counter productive. That is why they violate the ceasefire often at Indian forward posts. They are doing this to make possible as many infiltrations as they can and even if infiltration does not take place, at least they are able to convince the militants that Rangers and Pak Army are not complacent.

It is open to all know that the ranks of terrorists are neutralized and fresh recruitment at local level has also dwindled considerably. Various infiltration routes have been plugged off by Indian security forces. Training camps of terrorists still exist where Pakistan Army is giving them training, brainwashing them and propagate false propagandas regarding Indian Security forces. Civil Govt. of Pakistan is unable to control them and dismantle their terrorist structure. Now, Islamabad has adopted the policy of hunting with the hound and running with the hare. Pakistan is happy that it is able to engage the terrorists on LOC as well as on second front to fight with American forces on Afghanistan border.

It is good news that our forces are able to stop infiltration as well as ex-filtration forcing the aspirant militants to remain confined to their camps. Of course, there could be strong incidents of successful infiltration but on our side they are exposed to perils and disaster. Kashmiri people are well understood that the so called Mujahids have no mission to fulfill. They are only endorsed destabilize Kashmir in order to arrest its development and progress of Kashmiri people. The people of Kashmir are well aware of the facts that Pakistan is a state of war with itself is no more a moot point. This has been made Pakistan frustrated who is hell bent to serve the sadism of their sponsors across the line.





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