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Pakistan Double Stranded Attitude

In an extraordinary claim, Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik claimed that Abu Jundal was an operative of an Indian Intelligence agency. Such an immature and ridiculous remark that too from the high dignitary of Pakistan reflects their attitude to settle the issue of POK & Kashmir in a conducive environment. My simple question to him regarding his remarks that both countries should forget the past and move on to bring era of peace and friendship for future generations is appreciated but why can’t they move further back in the past and forget Kashmir & UN resolution on it to solve the issue once for all.

Pakistan cannot shed the skin of “double standard”. LeT had taken the responsibility of Mumbai attack and Abu Jundal along with Fahim Ansari & Sabauddin Ahnmed were working with this orgnisation on Pakistan’s soil. They have got training in Pakistan. Even Pakistan’s diplomats told Saudi authorities that Jundal was a Pakistani, citing the passport and the national identity number issued to him.

Pakistan will have to bring the culprits of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack to speedy justice for normalization of relations between the two countries. Pakistan has also to ensure full cooperation in the capture of Dawood Ibrahim & his operatives For normal relations with India, Pakistan should also take effective actions against terrorist camps & launching pads in POK. India must registered strong protests regarding unprovoked violations of the ceasefire along the LOC. Besides, the issues of drug trafficking and illegal detention of Indian fisherman should also be discussed for good relations between these two countries.

On one hand Pakistan is talking about peace with India and on another end, it is recruiting Pakistani volunteers in large numbers, giving them training in terrorist camps, brain washing them and after offering them some lolly-pops and motivates them for running so called Jehad in Kashmir. Pakistan Govt. is not able to control the terrorists & dismantle their terrorist structure. The reason is that the terrorists are extensively supported by the Army & the Pak intelligence agencies. It is no secret that the ranks of terrorists are drying up as fresh recruitment from Kashmir has dwindled substantially and Kashmiri people are not supporting them for reviving the militancy.





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