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Ill effects of Non-serious Statements by Sr. Pakistani Leadership

On 30th September 2012, Asif Ali Zardari (Pak President) through Columns of various leading newspaper has asserted that Pakistan wants lasting solution of Kashmir issue. In this context, it becomes inevitable to make mention of this an historical fact over here that first of all it is quiet implicit and globally recognized that Kashmir is an integral part of India. In fact some of the territorial portion of Jammu & Kashmir bordering India & Pakistan stands illegally captured by Pakistan as such the main issue is to vacate the Pakistan forces from the said forcibly occupied Jammu & Kashmir Territory. It is not prudent for Pakistan to express that Kashmir is a disputable issue. In fact Pakistan President through their newspaper columns has misguided a section of separatist forces existing in the valley.

Since Pakistan leadership has been now left alone especially upon unnecessary raised so-called Kashmir issue as such the said leadership- tries misleading & misrepresenting the historical facts about Jammu & Kashmir history. However, the leadership of Pakistan has certain ulterior motives behind this. Their main motive is to gain sympathy of Muslims of Kashmir and their this exercise actually cosmetic in nature in clear terms proved an exercise in futility not prevalently only but various times earlier also. By laying cosmetic stress over extending of political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiris, the Pak President is in fact giving fillip to the terrorism and other intimidator tactics being resorted to by a section of Anti-national forces existent in the valley. But on the contrary wise Kashmiri’s least bother about the basically issueless stance of Pakistan regarding Kashmir.

Every Kashmiri is now fully aware and alert to the tacit rather obnoxiously revengeful ideology of Pakistan leadership. It is obvious that even the global community is least interested in Pak-self raised issues of so-called right of self-determination, waging of so-called legitimate struggle by Kashmiris. By issuing such non-serious statements and harping upon so-called Kashmir issue through print & electronic media by Senior Pakistan leadership, there could always be a big apprehension of creating great hurdles and obnoxious obstacles in taking care of some of the bilateral issues like trans LoC trade, travel, diplomatic ties etc, which happen to be the main agendas during ongoing Indo Pak peace process. It would further create hiccups which would result in the damage of existing little bit quantum of LoC trade coupled with ongoing declined trend in the movement of carriers. Instead of boosting the measures to restore and further develop Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), the senior most Pakistani leadership exhibits potentially unwarranted behavioral posture which could certainly leave its ramifications upon ongoing Indo-Pak peace process.

No such steps need to be initiated as could damage the efforts to accelerate peace process. In fact Pakistani leadership needs to have a concern over processing further bilateral dialogue. This could only be possible if both the nations try to develop Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) so as to infuse sense of real responsibility for coming closer to each other. Under these circumstances Pakistan is invariably required to bring radical change in its stance. The objectionable attempts of circulating fake Indian currency, leanings towards terrorist’s outfits like Jaish-e-Mohd, LeT etc, indulgence in Narco trade would definitely lead to result in great trouble in taking further the steps to achieve success on the front of peace process. In view of this, a clear message needs to be flown to Pakistan that they need to adopt unfeigned posture and desist from indulging in such activities as could create unbalanced and unabashed view for both the countries which could ultimately give rise to interruption in ongoing Indo-Pak peace process. There is no need to focus attention on Kashmir by Pakistan nation and its people as every Kashmiri has now been able to see through the unfathomable tricky politics of Pakistan especially towards Kashmir.

In fact, limpidly it is the highest tolerance of every Kashmiri who sustained great losses unflinchingly on the front of militancy created by Pakistan leadership in Jammu & Kashmir. We the Kashmiris are now fully aware about the political gimmick being played by Pakistan who is least interested in the safety of Kashmiri people. This is due to the fact that Pakistan during previous years did not leave any stone unturned in disturbing the peaceful environment of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. We are fully aware about the onslaughts and other subversive tactics resorted to by our enemies. The tacit posture-full of misdemonorous adopted by Pakistan especially against Kashmir so as to showcase that how a section of separatist group has been fighting for the so-called freedom of Jammu & Kashmir proved failure & futile in complete sense as the same could not yield workable progress upon wisdom-ful Kashmiris. The said posture of Pakistan was absolutely aimed at to give rise in militancy and bloodshed in Kashmir. However, in spite of all such gimmicks by Pakistani leadership politics towards Jammu & Kashmir, it were the people of Jammu & Kashmir who strived hard for saving Jammu & Kashmir people from further destruction. In fact the peace in Kashmir which was destroyed by Pakistan was rebuilt by Kashmiris and the evil ideology of Pakistan was completely defeated by the people of Kashmir.

Kashmiri mass has always been inclined to assess, respect & thus co-exists with people of other faiths. They believe in communal brotherhood and social harmony. Kashmir has been a soil of Sufis & Saints and their Sufism has always propagated valuable teaching & it is because of the teachings of Saints & Sufis inherited to us which continue to flow in our blood, we have been able to keep our Kashmiriyat uprightly intact which is primarily based upon certain principles of ones life. Let it may be reiterated that although various strands of thoughts amongst common people exist in Kashmir yet the people in general believe in co-existence and sociable humanism.

In view of these reasons Pakistani leadership is required to rethink before any such rhetoric towards any such so-called issue are passed as it becomes strategically utmost important to behave responsibly that too at this crucial juncture when both the nations have been able to acquire some portioned substantial progress in developing closer relationship with each other. But the most important aspect that remains and needs to be seen is that now Kashmiri wants only peaceful Kashmir and it continuance of umbrage would remain in an unending process from both sides which would give rise to more unfriendly environ. Kashmiris are completely fed up with the acts of onslaught being perpetrated by the mentors across the border. Various militant organizations have sprung up in Pakistan and all have specific common cause of creating disturbance in the areas falling towards this side of LoC.

Their open aim is to create environ of intimidation, terror and mayhem to India particularly in Kashmir. The continuous infiltration by Pak subversive elements has constrained us to fence the border. Innocent Kashmiri is worrisome and confused by the manner in which Pakistan shows its sympathy on one side and the same country-ship is hell-bent to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Kashmir on the other side. One is always taken by surprise to observe such two sided attitudinal behavior of Pakistan. It is again unbecoming on the part of Senior Pakistan Leadership to behave in such a non-serious and tricky manner. It is importantly worth realization that how long innocent Kashmiri would sustain such tacit role of Pakistan and thus the better piece of advice for Pakistani leadership is to completely shun this two sided behavior otherwise the sensitivity towards prevalence of peace between two countries would become dim and a time would come that safety & security of both the countries shall be prompted to be left to the chance of jeopardizing.





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