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  28 October '2012
Peaceful Kashmir-Peaceful Kashmir Tourism

One is indeed taken by great surprise to see continued huge rush of tourists coming to the valley from various parts of the country and even outside country. Even the influx of foreign tourists is also at the elevated graph. Although the prevalent season previously happened to be completely the off season for tourism yet the tourists do not seem to be much bothered and worrisome about the prevalent tremendous change in Kashmir season. They continue throng the valley in greater number. Previously, we would never expect such frequent arrivals of tourists in the valley especially during the months of October & November. The progress on this front exclusively goes to the credit of Kashmiri people who really showcased the importance of their natural and cosmetic-less behavior with which they are imbued and also the motive behind the real Kashmiriyat.

There should not be any secret or any sort of concealment in saying that real peace has been now prevailing in the State. Our Kashmir Tourism Industry has gained substantial momentum in its progress. Our entrepreneurs, Shikara, Tourist, taxi, Bus operators seem to be quiet cheerful as the peace maintained by all Kashmiris in the region have brought back the old cheerfulness in the valley. We remember the days when foreign tourists had completely closed their eyes towards Kashmir during previous turmoil. But by the grace of great Almighty and the good sense prevailing upon each & every Kashmiri we have been able to change the security scenario of the valley as a result of which Kashmir tourism is now again at its peak like the two decades back it was. During the ensuing days we expect the number of tourists to increase in the coming chill as more and more foreigners are likely to visit the valley to enjoy them with extraordinary adventure. Prominent tourist resorts viz Pehalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and other attracted tourist’s places in Kashmir valley of Jammu & Kashmir State which are now in increased numbers are hopefully to be visited by tourists coming from foreign countries and all the tourist spots as such would definitely continue to maintain the posture of hustle & bustle.

The State Administration has also been able to project its tourism plans in a big way but there is no doubt that the people of Kashmir too have also shown their appreciative Caliber in thwarting the evil plans of anti national elements (ANEs). There cannot be any doubt about the honest behavior of Kashmiri people as it has been visibly witnessed that they have an outstanding run in exhibiting full cooperation with people visiting the valley from outside. Kashmiri wants peace al around in his region now as they have out-rightly rejected the plans & modules of evil and coercive elements. Kashmiris have always believed in communal amity, Sufism, social harmony, old aged traditional & cultural heritage. They do not want outside interference in all these aspects of their lifestyles. What has been distinctly clear here is that the Kashmiri youth is now striking together on to show dedication & zeal in maintaining peaceful status of the valley. They want to achieve prosperity on all fronts which include education, Sports, Business and Tourism.

The Administration needs to do much more to give fillip to all such activities to see the State at the accelerated progressive pace. There are also other tourism projects in hand and it is hopefully believed that such projects would certainly contribute in enriching the prosperity phase of tourism so as to enable the Kashmir Tourist Industry figure in the State’s quicker developmental activities. Now, it is quiet genuine to rightly conclude that prevalence of peaceful scenario and peaceful coexistence among the people belonging to different faiths could yield to give birth to positive results as tranquility and peace happen to be the very common factors essentially responsible for promoting our Kashmir tourism. It has also become equally transparent that decisive forces that are against evil ideology of anti-national elements and other inimical forces have vibrantly and emphatically made it clear that there were elements that were hell-bent to vitiate peaceful environ with an aim to frame wedge between various sections. But the Kashmiri valiant masses have really shown that they never allowed such elements to disturb and play with the interests of the State and the citizenry in particular. Rather the Kashmiri foiled their each and every evil design in order to ensure to keep the flag of Kashmiriyat unfurling in their hands. This valuable message has reached all and obviously and hopefully people would be able to understand it in clear terms.

Peace is the sole key factor which paves way for democratic and constitutional set up to prevail leading to cultural bonding even amid extreme diversity and the great brunt on the people to accommodate the various shades of faiths and different points of view. In fact Kashmiris after great introspection came to the conclusion that peace is the only source of progressive survival and thus they rejected the polities of forces which they found harmful to Kashmiris and their Kashmiriyat. By and large Kashmir business community have given priority and preference to optimism of growing Indo-Pak trade which would also prove helpful in future strengthening of Indo-Pak partnership coupled with Indo-Pak peace process that would enable both the nations to frame positive strategic partnership for coming closer to each other. Kashmiri youth do not have time to politicize the useless issues. They as a matter of fact need help to see their lives full of virtues by virtue of which they could always imbued themselves with their true and polite-ful attitudinal behavior till they exist in this universe.

The Jammu & Kashmir State is also prominent pilgrimage tourism as well. This year, a maximum number of yatries visited State’s pilgrimage destination viz Mata Vaishno Devi (Katra), Shri Amarnath Ji Cave and various other shrines which include Baba Reshi, Hazratbal Dargah, Sheikh-ul-Alam and many more. The management & Shrine Boards of these Shrines always in association with the State machinery make it fully clear that they are always readying themselves to render pious services to the pilgrims. In fact the civil society of Kashmir in tandem with State machinery play gorgeous role of traditional civil society in ensuring the complete comforts for the Kashmir tourists. So such a nature of dynamic activism always leads to promote the Kashmir tourism and thereby give complete defeat to militancy in Kashmir as the earlier terrorism in Kashmir had eaten the vitals of peace in the valley and elsewhere in the State.

But by developing Confidence Building Measures-CBMs among youth community we were able to free ourselves from the Shackles of Kashmir agitational terrorism and massacres faced at the hands of militants which paved way to protect our Kashmir Tourism. But unfortunately Kashmir separatists sometimes raise their heads in order to show their existence but common Kashmiri is least bothered about their ideology and the net resultant is that our Kashmir Tourist Industry now gets least affected through their misdemeanors. When we observe the situation from would perspective point of view, it comes to surface that Kashmir tourists together with its cultural heritage and health infrastructure is going on such a roadmap as is bound to provide courageously positive and result oriented dividends for the State and this way the Pakistan involvement in Kashmir terrorism and agitations will be put to complete defeat to wipe out their undesirable activities always in future.





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