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  24 October '2012
POK Ideology - Difference of Opinion

It has always become distinctly clear that terrorists fanning terrorism in association with Taliban have amalgamated themselves under one banner in Pakistan occupied Kashmir as well as in Pakistan to launch arms struggle with the tacit ideology of fighting against India. These terrorists are closely affiliated to other terrorist outfits of Pakistan which overtly stand declared banned by Pakistan Administration. These elements that are imbued with the highest degree of extremism coupled with fanatical thinking have launched crusade so-called “Jihad” in order to give faster pace to Anti-India activities. To showcase their launching efforts in this direction to militancy in Kashmir continues, they manage to hold rallies in various corners of Pak held Kashmir (POK), because their motive is to disturb Kashmir tourism, Culture, Health infrastructure etc. But a notion certainly requires to be developed by intellectuals, political analysts and other thinkers that peace-loving citizens who do not believe in violence having leaning towards Nationalism also exist in POK. This particular sectarian class of people in POK always exhibits its sharp criticism to the Talibans and terrorists who happen to carry on their operation clandestinely against India. Recently in Muzaffarbad and various other places in Pakistan held Kashmir the said group of people held out strong protest demonstrations against the undesired activities being resorted to by LeT & Hiz-bul-Mujahideen outfits. This is because of the fact that they have been able to understand Kashmir agreement earlier made.

In-fact, these militant outfits framed a new militant amalgamated group known as Difa-e-Pakistan council. The aim of forming this new group is to accelerate Anti-India activities through the acts of sabotage and subversion. In order to keep their memento on they receive funds from Islamic countries in the name of “So-called Jihad”. The clandestine conduits provide them free flow passage to greater Terrorism funding in Kashmir with the help of which they are able to carry out their bloody operations through Kashmir Pelters to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere sometimes. But in POK most of the people are totally against the ideology of newly framed militant groups. In this context, the people of Neelam valley recently raised objections and advised the Administration to disallow such activities of Difa-e-Pakistan Council. These people even went to the extent to issue an extensive statement expressing there-under a greater resentment against the sullen and silence of POK Administration towards the misdemeanors resorted to by the DPC. In fact the DPC (Difa-e-Pakistan Council) made repeated attempts to form a division in the group of people believing in peaceful citizenship in POK. It is a clear indicative that the people of POK possessing Peace-loving ideology do hate Pakistani leadership. These wise people are against the disruption of peace and prosperity. This also stands endorsed by World Perspective as well.

Thanks to the group of these people also living across the border those they do also posses right thinking power to discard violence. When we start assessing through broad spectrum, it hopefully and clearly conveys that people residing in Pakistan held Kashmir have initiated pragmatic and workable steps coupled with wiseful methodology to give fight to the believers of militancy and extremism across the border. It clearly transpires of having adopted a corrective and appreciative roadmap by them to thwart the unholy plans of group of evil people especially those who are hell-bent to resort to terrorist onslaughts every time for achieving their wide level of ulterior motives. Thus we hopefully expect that this meaningful action plan adopted by this group in Pakistan/POK would certainly lead to yield some positive results which could serve as a corrective in future to various Kashmir separatist’s groups operating in the valley also. All this is a welcome step and very hopefully the peace harbingers of POK will try to bring formidable transformation in the entire system of activities being run across the border. The leadership of Pak & POK seems to have turned frustrated upon this development. Such leadership is genuinely disheartened to witness such mindset change & this change seems to be real threat to them. However, the POK/Pak leadership would make hardiest efforts to thrust stage of sullen amongst this peace-loving group of people through the former’s suppressive tactics but the same would not prove workable in the long run especially in the interest of POK Administration. The people cannot be suppressed for prolonged period. It is an old saying that voice of people happens to be voice of god. It is only the people who could change the attitudinal behavior of the leadership of any nation. So such people of POK should carry forward their meaningful struggle to overcome such cruel powers otherwise such cruel leadership could take the latter always gullible. After all people across the border especially in Muzaffarabad feel that there is no any sign of prosperity. It is in view of this fact that leadership of Pakistan considers the residents of POK as slaves in their slavery. In fact Pakistan Army and the militant outfits have become desperate & both suspect these people to be great obstacle against their infiltration plans which are mostly thwarted by the troops manning the borders from this side of LoC.

Again there is no let up in shelling on LoC as well as on International Line bordering with Pakistan. Pakistan Army always indulges in gross violation of ceasefire policy. Pak Army Rangers deployed by Pakistan Administration across the border/LoC in-fact resorts to firing for the reasons to yield successful results of large scale infiltration from across the border to this side of LoC. However, Police & Army belonging to this side of LoC leaves no stone unturned in destroying the hideouts during search operations. This way the Pakistan Administration/POK Administration turns frustrated and worrisome as they do not succeed in resorting to subversive tactics in the valley and elsewhere now. In case this bad international trend from Pakistan side continues, it would not only definitely lead to lay adverse impact upon ongoing LoC trade affairs, but is bound to adversely affect the Indo-Pak Peace process. The whole world is aware of the fact that Pakistan is the Epicenter of Terrorism especially the previously Pak Involvement in Kashmir Terrorism and agitations continues to be looming over their heads & minds.





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