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  27 September '2012
Kashmiriyat and its communal amity
  By V. K. Nakhasi

Day by day it is being witnessed that Kashmiri Muslims are really playing lead role to bring complete peace in the valley. Since peacefulness is in inheritance with every Kashmiri as such they feel their responsibility to ensure its maintenance. Peaceful environ is flowing through their blood which makes them to realize that safety of people does hold prime importance in the maintenance of law & order. It is really visibly and distinctively clear that all Kashmiri Muslims do miss the absence of their Pandit brotheren in the valley. The Pandits who originally hail from Kashmir valley generally wish to have a visit of the valley to make a sojourn here. During their brief visit they make their utmost efforts to have frequent meetings with their Muslim neighborhoods.

They share ideas apart from recalling their traditional past events with one another. One of my closets relative’s (couple) who had been to the valley for a trip this year had gone to their native place where their property existed earlier before its sale. They were taken by surprise to assess the degree of Hospitality and protocol extended to them by their old Muslim neighbors. No sooner did the couple enter the premises of his Muslim neighbor’s house, the inmates smilingly crying feeling their joys knew no bounds, while coming down stairs immediately embraced the old Pandit neighbor’s (couple). The scene remained emotional at least for ten minutes during which their eyes sobbed like anything on both sides. It was a highest degree of warmer welcome to them. The (Muslim neighbor family) took them to inside their house and made them to sit there comfortably and both started sharing their experiences of two decades. Soon-after the Pandit couple left the house of Muslim neighbor, the former immediately started to share the experience which they acquired to their close relatives at Jammu and even outside the State.

They conveyed that how they were impressed by the behavior of their Muslim neighbors in the Valley. Kashmiri Pandit couple was really excited to see the laudable behavior of his Muslim neighbor even after the lapse of more than two decades. They conveyed to their relatives to Jammu that how the youth belonging to the said Kashmiri Muslim’s family insisted upon them for their return. They were jubilant to see as to how they offered them tea & snakes and repeatedly insisted upon them to have lunch & dinner with them. It would be in place to mention that both the communities show keenful interest in coming to closer to each other once again. Both the communities are desirous to sit together so as to remove all the doubts which created a little-bit wedge between the two during the previous period.

They try to bury the hatchet created by the vested interests in the past as the elements who were vested with their undue interests were hell bent to vitiate and ruin the cultural heritage of Kashmir. These vested elements were not in favor of communal amity of the valley since beginning. They various times made their efforts to violate the teachings of Saints and Sufis of Kashmir through their misdemeanors. But by the grace of great almighty actual Kashmiriyat always played its prominent role in saving the communal character of the entire valley and this is the basic reason that up-till now Kashmir is the only place which has remained free from all types of communal tensions. During the previous violence it is the Muslim who suffered lot, but they never allowed disturbing the social harmony which is the prime cause and concern of pure Kashmiriyat. Kashmiriyat is basically based upon the principles and teachings of Saints, Reshis and Sufis of the Valley. These Saints and Sufis always ensured prevalence of truth, non-violence apart from contribution towards Kashmiri ethos and culture.

The prime responsibility to ensure stainless legendary of Kashmir especially its communal ethics and Culture, lies in the hands of both Kashmiri Muslim and Kashmiri Pandits. Evidences of historical importance have revealed that Sufism of Kashmir has always preached for fostering of unity among both the communities. This is the reason that both the communities have common shrines where the Muslim as well as Pandit members frequently use to visit in the past to pay their obeisance. Such shrines include Peer Dastgeer Sahib (RA), Mushroom Sahib (RA), Sheikh-ul-Alam (RA), Zainul-Ab-u-Din (Aish Muqam). Baba Shakhur Din Sahib (RA) and many more Kashmir Pandits used to visit all these popular shrines. It is an undesirable fact that people visit these shrines to achieve something purposeful as per their wish and cherished hope.

While concluding it is reiterated over here that historical analysis have clearly led us to believe that Kashmiri has never opted to stay in environ of confliction. They can only live in an eternal state of peace. Kashmiris never believe in mindless violence and would always continue to remain imbued with such character. It is an historical fact that Kashmiris have always believe in real Kashmiriyat, as a result of which, all Kashmiris especially Muslims want their Pandit brotheren to return to the valley.





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