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  13 September '2012
Present Indo-Pak peace process
  By V. K. Nakhasi

Present Indo-Pak peace talk is an indicative of showcasing further initiatives of going ahead to show some seriousness towards the resolution of issues which as yet continue to be unsettled bilaterally. It is well known to everyone that Shri S. M Krishna Indian External Affairs Minister proceeded to Pakistan to hold peace talks with his counterpart Mrs. Hina Rabani Khar of Pakistan. Every Indian and Pakistani National was of the firm belief that the present talks would undoubtedly yield purposeful and fruitful results. It is in view of the fact that the people of both the Nations i.e. India and Pakistan aspire and cherish for stable and prosperous “India” and “Pakistan”. There is an imperative need to develop the highest degree of confidence in the leadership of both the countries.

The entire global spectrum which also includes the State of Jammu and Kashmir continue to watch keenly the movements of both India and Pakistan to feel the result oriented developments during Indo-Pak Peace talks. The people living on the soil of Jammu and Kashmir State are also much particular to know some positive and peaceful developments regarding Kashmir issue. Now the time has come to put an end to the conflicting opinions and adopt an honest and completely straight forward posture especially by Pakistan to settle the outstanding issues and bury the hatchet in order to be close friends once again. One of the important remedial measures to which both the Nations are required to apply priority is attaching importance to CBMs-Confidence Building Measures otherwise in absentia of such significantly important measures, the peace talks would be of no use. It is in view of the fact that the mistrust developed between the two nations has to go away in order to pave way to come closer to each other. This could lead to follow a free and frank environ enabling both the external affairs heads to sort out the issues.

There is an utmost need to ensure practical efforts to decide and seek for implementation of the effective & appropriate measures at the ground level to find solution of issues especially relating to visa facilities making easy travel across the border, travelling across Kargil Askardu Border, facilitation towards Banking system to enhance trade affairs across the LoC, putting an end to terrorist activities being perpetrated to this side of border, proper positive action against the elements responsible for perpetrating violence on 26th November 2009. The rigidness in behavior constantly being exposed should now completely vanish and nothing should be left to chance for any conditional affair. It is very amazing to not that Pakistani Foreign Affairs Minister already endorsed this point of view otherwise the conditional diplomacy would further deteriorate the pleasant relationship of both which could result in for reaching ramifications on the relationship. The belief developed by both the nations in holding talks is an indicative of seriousness at the leadership of both the countries to achieve some substantially positive results in initiating fruitful dialogue to put an end to the confliction at all levels.

In order to put an end to the vengeance of all the nature caused in the wake of previously committed follies now there should not be any repetition of leveling allegations and thereby accusing each other. The pessimistic approach at both sides needs to be discarded in real sense for the early resolution of issues. Similarly, as far as issue of Siachen is concerned, the serious engagements at the top most leadership is warranted to find an early resolution of the same otherwise both the countries would have to continue their contribution towards the defense budget leading to enhance the hatred and rage against each other and thereby ultimately jeopardizing the economical status of both the countries which would lead to more and more anxiety and unnecessary perishing of human lives. The people of both the nations have always been optimistic to wish the leadership of both India and Pakistan to achieve success in resolving all such outstanding issues as are bent upon to hamper the progressive process required for the prosperity of people belonging to India & Pakistan.

It does not augur well to assess that talk and agreements earlier held have allegedly failed in the past and would maintain the statuesque in future also. Neither it would be proper to Pakistan for deviating from the country’s traditional policy. Instead of indulging in such rhetoric, there is need to instill a sense of more confidence at the leadership level of both.





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