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  10 September '2012
Kashmir Heading Towards Peace

There is no doubt in expressing that Kashmir is in real sense heading towards peace which is an indicative of promising step towards the complete tranquillity. Our neighbours across the border who have always been inimical to us did not leave any stone unturned in making efforts to allure the youth of the valley but our youth did not get influenced in any way rather they thwarted their evil plans. Although a section of youth got little bit alienated but with the passage of time they too opted for the choice of reshaping and refining their ideology as a result of which the ideology of the such section youth has led to change their mindset completely and they have stepped towards the maintenance of peace in the Kashmir. It is an undeniable fact that Kashmir has witnessed terrible ups and downs in the past and the miseries caused in the wake of such ups and downs will never go out of the minds of Kashmiries. We are enough fortunate that good sense prevailed upon all of us and we were able to realize that the forces operating against our interests are hell bent to put us to woefulness only.

It is a known fact that the Kashmir tourist industry had been in shambles continuously for the last two decades but with the passage of time and by the grace of almighty the industry resumed its pace once again as a result of which the valley witnessed huge rush of visitors during this summer. This all happened due to communal and social harmony maintained by our youth who in fact from the core of their heart opted for the prevalence of peace again in the valley. It is fantastically amazing to see how the Kashmiri Muslims extend their whole hearted support and cooperation to the pilgrims of Shri Amar Nath Ji Yatra. During recent Pilgrimage of Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra, the Pilgrims were witnessed awfully engaged in making purchases of Kashmir arts and crafts which obviously shows that they carried memorable impression about Kashmiriyat along with on their return to their destinations.

The people of Kashmir after witnessing a very prolonged period of turmoil have again started enjoying their festivals with great zeal and religious fervour. Similarly, marriages in Kashmir have restarted to assume its earlier charm full and stylish pattern once again as it was earlier being celebrated during prior to the eruption of militancy. During previous militancy the situation had gone to extent that people would not dare to come out of their houses after the dusk but now with the prevalence of peace again in the valley people always remain thronged to the markets, visiting shopping mauls even after the dusk which is an indicative that the people have regained the sense of security and the confidence. The people have awakened from the deep slumber and the youth who had little bit gone alienated from the main stream in the name of crusade SO CALLED JEHAD which actually was aimed at to spread the hatred have now completely shun the path of violence.

Today’s youth being the future of tomorrow has to play a very leading and important role especially in shouldering the responsibility of maintaining peace and order every where. There is a need to instil a sense of confidence among the youth which would enable them to architect their future career in order to allow them to carry on with such opinion of youth. The Administrative setup is also required to come forward with educational career building programmes and thereby involving maximum participation of youth.





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