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  7 September '2012
Present Security Scenario of Pakistan
  By V. K. Nakhasi

The security scenario of Pakistan appears to be in deep Shambles. The Pakistan populace is unabatedly facing grave threat to their lives at the hands of their own men. It is very-very difficult for a well behaved Pakistani National to rely upon the intention of his Pakistani brother citizen. This is because of the fact that when we assess from world perspective point of view the terrorist organizations which are highly inimical to Pakistan have spread their tentacles throughout Pakistan. These terrorist organizations are fully capable & competent to launch strikes against various military installations in Pakistan. They have been able to demonstrate their sweet will to have access to the inner cells of armed forces to achieve their goal of overpowering them so as to lay their hands upon their nuclear and other achievements. The Pakistan Army is day by day drowning into chaotic situation which has led to weaken the devised strategies of Pakistan Army in a big way as a result of which the Pak Army has utterly failed in tackling the insurgency environ in the areas of Pakhtooukwha and FATA. Moreover, the initiatives and ideas applied by the Pak Army to frustrate terrorist outfits openly operational in Pakistan have given rise to the situation which is bound to jeopardize their strategies to fight terrorist elements.

Earlier Pakistan has not been quiet fear in wiping out Al-Qaida from their soil. The clandestine association with Al-Qaida group proved counter-productive for the former. However, US-Pakistan association in the joint action against terror especially created by Al-Qaida could not prove much effective to curb extremism in Pakistan. It was in view of the fact that ISI was not ready to part ways from Al-Qaida. The United States and its close allied forces have started to suffer in view of the Pakistan’s inability to deal with Al-Qaida and Taliban Forces effectively. Although the United States have calling upon Pakistan time and again to much more pro-active in fighting Taliban & Al-Qaida. But due to their ill intentions Pakistan is not actually interested in confronting Al-Qaida and Taliban openly. Again on the other side Pakistan does not want to demonstrate any dis-appeasement policy towards US in view of the fact that the former has to comply Pakistan dictates in view of economical factor which plays importantly substantial role in making compliance of Pakistan military strategies. This is the reason that the close interference especially on trans-border affairs by US to operate against militancy Pakistan soil continue to be on through repeated drone attacks.

When we start discussing political instability and improper governance of Pakistan, the dead lock between the Pakistan Govt. and the judicial affairs over the prosecution of President Asif Ali Zardari who is alleged to have assessed and stashed the wealth in bank accounts outside country of Pakistan. This has ultimately led to the large scale resentment and huge amount of discontent and violence cause among the common Pakistani National. In-fact unless Pakistan is able to exercise its effective control over the activities of ISI especially in curbing its activities, the chances of revival of peace in Pakistan is quite dim. ISI is having created in-secured environ in Pakistan and is thus bent upon to ensure eruption of violence all around. The leadership of Pakistan does believe in this true belief but they do not want themselves to put to any risk to harm them though the misdemeanors oftenly posed by ISI. The ultimate solution is to dispel the idea of hooliganism by Pak Administration and make concerted efforts to take the reins of the ISI so as to refrain them from providing patronage to Talibans. This would also pave way to Pakistan to exercise good governance and frame fruitful economic policies. Similarly, Pakistan needs to apply thought towards the holistic national and international level counter insurgency measures in real sense in association with other peace-loving nations.

As far as Indo-Pak peace is on cards on both sides, the holistic process of continuing dialogue will lead both the countries to achieve fruitful conclusions. But this could be possible when both side’s peace is given preference and priority. For peaceful Pakistan the peace in India plays prominent role and the position is alike for which peaceful environment in Pakistan is required. India has always been interested in resuming dialogues but the diabolic plans hit upon by ISI hampers the Indo-Pak peace talks. It is thus reiterated that Pakistan priority is to call upon ISI to shun the ideology of disturbance & violence which otherwise could be disastrous for innocent public of both the nations.





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