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Peace-Loving Kashmiris
  By V. K. Nakhasi

Now the time has come when people living in the valley have completely lost their faith in the violence caused due to previous militancy in Kashmir. Rather the Kashmiri people who have always been wise enough are trying to reshape the regional balance in its right perspective. All these youth who had turned alienated and had taken arms in their hands or had indulged in various objectionable activities like undergoing arms training across the border, participation in stone pelting acts, intimidating innocent citizens now after having realized the pros & cons of all these misdemeanors have completely shun the path of violence and are now behaving in a very desired and honorable manner. They have completely understood that the application of violence would lead them to nowhere except death and devastation. The positive result could only be achieved through peaceful means which include resuming dialogues, discarding terrorism in Kashmir, acceptance of mutual brotherhood, co-existence, communal amity, observance of Human Rights norms. In absentia of peace no solution of problematical situation is possible. The peaceful ways and means could only lead everyone to yield positive results.

If we see from, right perspective point of view, people in Kashmir does not have any grievance. Since they are peace-loving citizens right from beginning as such they do not appear to be bothered about any political development. The older generation is much busier with their prayer programmes when youth are particular about architecture of their future career. It is only the leadership in political arena who is apt to watch the political developments in order to achieve due and undue personal benefits out of the political dispensation. The common Kashmiri is in the interest of prevalence of peace in view of the fact that he has been the worst sufferer of previous violence perpetrated by the believers of non-violence. A common Kashmiri especially Tourist / Taxi / Shikara operators keenly watches for a movement to see tourists on tour to the Kashmir Valley which could enable him to earn his livelihood.

The year 2010 have vividly made it amply clear that how the business entrepreneurs of the Valley remained worrisome throughout the previous tourist season in view of the fact the year 2010 witnessed large-scale disturbance throughout the Kashmir valley for which the perpetrators of the incriminating activities can never be forgiven by the great “Allha” and the people of Kashmir. Nobody yielded anything out of the violence except death and destruction. Again the previous repeated “Hartal Calls” led to downfall of economic status of the common and innocent citizenry of Kashmir. Continuous closure of educational institutions including universities, colleges of the Kashmir valley left its adverse impact upon the future prospects of the student’s community. The number of dropouts in various examinations remained on highly elevated graph, which damaged their future educational career.

The most important factor which could lead Jammu & Kashmir towards prosperity is the peaceful and a very dignified positive approach. All the bilateral and outstanding issues could be settled with the help of substantially a constructive dialogue. So, all of us need to dispel from our minds that we can achieve any positive results through an application of element of violence.

Again, the return of Kashmir Pandit brotheren has caused due to the peaceful environing of the valley. It was in view of the perpetrated violence caused in the wake of previous Kashmir agitational terrorism they left their hearth and homes. Now, the wholesale amount of credit goes to the Kashmiri Muslims who indeed welcome their Pandit brotheren on their return. It may not be forgotten overhear that how amazing it looked when Kashmiri Pandits who have returned from Jammu to Kashmir celebrated this year “Janam-Ashtami” festival in close association with their Muslim brotheren while taking out “Janam-Ashtami” processions in the areas of Mattan, Anantnag. They were found extraordinary jubilant while seeking support and cooperation from local Muslims during the celebration of the event.

It is all due to their emotional attachment with their native land and their origin. Similarly, as per traditional practice in vogue, the Kashmir Pandits would also celebrate ensuing “Eid-ul-Fitr” festival in association with Muslims and the former would definitely convey their traditional greetings to the Muslims on this happiest eve.

In view of the prevalent pleasant scenario, it becomes our prime responsibility to ensure its maintenance during the days to come for which we need to be scrupulously honest throughout our dealings in all the affairs of matters. The Peace-Lovers must be honored and given priority on all fractious this could pay way to ensure the infusion of more & more Confidence Building Measures-CBMs especially among the youth.





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