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Now a Peaceful Kashmir
  By V. K. Nakhasi

It is a real fact that Kashmir valley is at present witnessing a flourishing trend in maintaining peaceful statuesque in terms of pleasant security scenario, promotive expansion in tourism, production availability and various other allied spheres of prosperity. The situation of Kashmir has already been assuming little bit of fragility in view of the fact that unfortunately enemies especially across the border have always been bent upon to vitiate the peaceful and much more pleasant scenario of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Our progress and prosperity has never been tolerated by certain elements who always keenly and eagerly watch to receive an opportunity to disturb our peace and tranquility. The previously prevailed militancy in Kashmir had not only affected the security scenario of the State & Kashmir Valley in particular but also brought the state ecologically terribly down. But fortunately all such diabolic attempts have also been foiled by an element of wiseful sense prevalent in the Kashmiris and real Kashmiriyat. In-spite of all such odds & evils created by our foes that always operate against our interests, we have been able to sustain all this by the grace of great Allaha, who has always been kind enough to infuse sense of extraordinary courage in all the Kashmiris to confront the unfortunate situation caused in the wake of previous onslaughts, massacres and disturbance by such anti-national elements during terrorism in Kashmir.

No one can deny that there has been extraordinary substantial increase in Kashmir tourism in the Valley. This is in-fact the resultant of restored peaceful environment all around the valley and this peaceful security scenario has been possible because of our traditional peaceful Kashmiriyat which does exist in our old aged cultural heritage. The recent Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra which did not only pass off peacefully but the pilgrims who happened to come to valley for pilgrimage destination from outside State also left back for their destinations with an impressive idea and thinking about Kashmiri people is the real proof of our real Kashmiriyat with which all the Kashmiris irrespective of their cast & creed are imbued with. They indeed carried the memorable impressions about Kashmiri people who have always been supportive and peace loving citizen’s. Indian and Foreign tourists were happy in making necessary purchasing in the valley. The whole of the valley remained hugely crowded by the Indian tourists this year and this tourism boon could only be possible because of conducive peaceful environ of the valley. Now this has to be maintained invariably at any cost to see our valley progressively flourishing in the future as well. Again number of migrated Kashmiri Pandit brotheren did not hesitate in coming to the valley back for paying their obeisance at Kheer Bhawani, Tullamulla Shrine on the occasion of Mela Kheer Bhawani. They received better opportunity to hold lovable interactions with their Muslim brotheren and it really showcased that as to how both the community members continue to maintain communal amity and brotherhood which was previously damaged by Kashmir agitational terrorism. This communal brotherhood was again restored because of peaceful environing in the valley. It was seen that the Kashmiri Pandits who have been living out of their hearths and homes really experience the bad feeling of having been separated from their Muslim brotheren of valley. In this world the forces operating against us will always create lot of hurdles in the path of our success. Now it depends upon us as to how we behave to remove such hiccups so as to cite an example of real peaceful Kashmiriyat. So an element of application of mind to be exercised is always required by all of us to remain quiet alert and properly alarmed against such unwarranted acts generally being committed by anti-national elements to disturb our communal and social harmony.

If we watch from the world prospective point of view, it becomes all the more clear that the military strategy is not the ultimate tool to restore permanent peace at any place. Since Pakistan is thought to be the epicenter of terrorism as such the aim of military strategy is only to encounter the rubbish ideas of hooligans and insurgents in order to enable the Administration to ensure execution of civilian developmental activities. But the forces operating against our peaceful agenda every time try to galvanize the civil citizenry to give rise to kind of uncertainty and the need of an hour is to see through all these tricky tactics of such elements whose aim is only to jeopardize the security scenario. Let us adopt and exercise cautionary advice and peaceful environ so as to thwart the evil plans of such forces. This is the biggest task to be accomplished by all of us to see our Kashmir always smiling.

Administrative reforms are also equally important to maintain peaceful Kashmir. Administrative apparatus need to exercise clear cut policies in ensuring execution of developmental and other progressive measures in the areas which require such measures. The administrative runners should adopt such policies as could provide some solace to the population especially on the front of providing basic essential amenities so that people living on the soil of the State may not feel isolated on any front. There is need to improve and fulfill the requirements of the civic society which is the main component to maintain peace in the area. Similarly, civic society also happens to be equally important to provide better education to their children who could play a very important and vital role in seeing our Kashmir much more peaceful and progressively flourishing in the days to come. They need to be infused with such educative values as would lead to disallow them to indulge in any such unwarranted behavior which is bound to jeopardize their beautiful future. Today’s youth seem to be deficit of Confidence Building Measures-CBMs. We need to ensure all such measures which could build their good confidence to achieve success on every front. Here again Administration is required to equip them adequately with all the basic infrastructural scope so that they could have hassle-free educational environ all around. The youth should also take due advantage of all such facilitations required to be provided by the Administration which could lead them to architect their educational career to carry on with it to lead their lives with dignity and honor. Administration needs to organize such educative programmes which could attract the more & more youth to achieve their set up prospective targets because today’s youth have the sole responsibility of shaping the nation in a progressive formation from our tomorrow.





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