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Kashmir Territory illegally occupied by Pakistan-suppressed people of POK
  By V. K. Nakhasi

When we talk about the background of Kashmir imbroglio as well as Kashmir territory Historical /Geographical facts, Pakistan harps upon the issue of right to self determination which sidelines the purpose of interaction on Kashmir. Earlier interactions held between the two countries on Kashmir were the steps to come to a negotiating table to clarify the position to the effect that Jammu & Kashmir State as a whole is not disputable, which is a real fact. As far as the Kashmir History is concerned, there is quite different world perspective about Jammu & Kashmir. The Historians reveal the facts which stand substantiated logically by sufficient evidential documentary facts that Maharaja Hari Singh as a matter of fact initially happened to rein the princely State of Jammu & Kashmir and after having exhibited his willingness to annex Jammu & Kashmir with the Union of India, signed the document of instrument of Accession. Subsequently, when the Pak raiders resorted to invasion upon Kashmir, Maharaja desired to seek military assistance from Union of India to prevent the infiltration from across. Obviously under these circumstances India rightly claims the whole of the areas of Jammu & Kashmir to be an integral part of India like other States happen to be part of it. Following accession made by Maharaja, the whole of Jammu & Kashmir legally belongs to India as such none should hesitate in determining it as an Indian territory which also includes the areas which have been forcibly captured by Pakistan and claim these areas to be independent and have declared the areas as so-called Azad Kashmir. But Azad Kashmir is actually a part and parcel of Jammu & Kashmir of India. But the invasion by Pak raiders / Pak Army led to forcible occupation of portion of the J&K State which finally amalgamated into so-called Azad Kashmir-Gilgit Baltistan and a portion of it remained under the illegal occupation of China and it has become an open fact that there is Pak involvement in Kashmir Terrorism & agitation which has particularly affected Kashmir Tourism, Cultural & Health infrastructure.

So-called Azad Kashmir in other words and in true sense is Pakistan held Kashmir. Although Pakistan claims that it has its own constitution known as the Azad Jammu & Kashmir interim constitution Act 1974 which allows self Governing State, Legislative Assembly elected through periodic elections, a Prime Minister, President, an Independent judiciary apart from running of various Govt. Institutions. Yet, none of these institutions are neither practically & meaningfully workable nor functional in real sense in POK. These constitutional claims proved to be hollow as the interim constitution Act empowered Pakistan to dislodge any elected Govt. in Azad Kashmir irrespective of the support it may enjoy. When Pakistan was still in its nascent form of existence raiders from across the border infiltrated into Kashmir and resorted to such activities as were aimed up to vitiate the whole peaceful atmosphere. However, in terms of independence Act 1947, Jammu & Kashmir had become an integral part of India which paved way to pushback the Pak Raiders when Indian troops took over the position in Jammu & Kashmir and since then the Pakistan has been unabatedly encouraging the process of infiltration consistently which did not only led to out break of three repeated wars between India & Pakistan but unleashing of violence, terrorism also became an unending process which continue even uptill now.

In order to exaggerate the things & environment to carry forward their unholy plan, Pakistan has intentionally & deliberately declared illegally occupied Territory of Jammu & Kashmir (India) as “Azad Kashmir” so as to give an impression to the world community that this illegally occupied territory is an independent State which is not a real fact both historically as well as keeping in view the geographical contiguity of the area. Under these circumstances, the territorial portion under the so-called Azad Kashmir dominance is infact an area belonging to Jammu & Kashmir (India). Again, the areas under the forcible control of Pakistan also include Gilgit, the Baltistan which used to be Ladakh of Indian part of territory happen to be parts of Jammu & Kashmir (India). As far as the forcible and illegal political status of illegally Pakistan administrated Kashmir (PoK) is concerned, it is a step to mislead innocent gentry across the border. The elected political leaders of so-called Azad Kashmir for all purposes have to shape themselves as nominal leaders & heads of the forcibly occupied territory while the actual power to control lies with the leadership of Pakistan. Unfortunately Pakistan has kept it under its illegal captivity which one day or the other has to be surrendered by Pakistan.

The claim of rulers of POK once again proved to be hollow in view of the fact that when we go by the reality it comes to surface that the people living in POK are against the dispensational process of POK/Pak as the people of this area are not treated with human heart. They lead miserable and woeful days there due to the reasons that they basically come from Indian origin. The POK rulers at the behest of Pakistan Administration keep them engaged to generate in them the completely frivolous notion as a result of which they remain equipped with an illegal & deceptive conceptualization with anti-India activities. The youth across the border are compelled to join militant ranks so as to become member of their so-called Jihadi groups. Whosoever refuses to abide by their dictum is ruined. The innocence living across the LoC never feel themselves safe as the outrageous acts towards them is common phenomenon there. Similarly, other sacrilegious acts are committed which are more or less regular feature there. The youth who have ex-filtrated from Kashmir (India) during the phase of militancy are prevented from coming back to their houses rather they are being training in weaponry so as to make them capable to resort to subversive activities in Kashmir & elsewhere in India. The runners of POK Administration at the behest of Pakistan leadership do not leave any stone unturned in inculcating the sense of hatred upon these alienated youth who have rather been taken as a gullible while pressurizing them to ex-filtrate from valley to other side of LoC so as to shape them trained militants. The sole aim is to preach hatred against peace loving kashmiris living in Indian side. Civil Society members residing in Pak held Kashmir are not permitted to express and interact freely which lead them to suppress their wishes and cherished feelings of hope and obviously keep them away from exercising their constitutional rights. This has ultimately derailed the delivery of proper justice. In real terms, innocent people living in POK/Pak are obnoxiously worried to witness ugly security scenario in POK/Pak where terrorists are blindly resorting to unabated onslaughts in the cities/townships not living even air/naval Headquarters. Global community has not hesitated in demeaning PoK/Pak as a den of terrorist activities because the same being a Pakistan epicentre of terrorism. The Pakistan at present has not moral courage to shun militancy as it has spread its weaponry market in every nook & corner of Pak/POK. This is in view of the reasons that senior Pak leadership always believe in encouraging and supporting militancy rather than to concentrate over effective & beneficial governance. People of Pakistan/POK have become prone to lawlessness and quality-less governance.





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