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Importance of Career Counseling
  By V. K. Nakhasi

The Career Planning in advance plays a very significant role in architecting ones career prospects. Today there is no dearth of varied career and professional opportunities. Let us be clear to convey that the important stands attached to options and priorities. The advance career planning is key factor for all success. One who is busy with career planning is also required to seek assistance from an expert career counselor. Today, we do have number of professional career counselors who are imbued with proper expertise in providing effective counseling to the needy. It is only the trained career counselor who possesses an ability of identifying appropriate preferential professional choices in which one could carry on with result oriented performance and can deliver justice in his future career for job. Another face of the aspect of career counseling is individual’s self analysis. Career counseling is also directly related to self assessment. Rather self assessment provides assistance to an individual in searching for career so an individual should be fear and extraordinary prompt and honest to achieve proper counseling for shaping his career. In fact career counseling is the way to provide assistance to the candidates to opt for a desired choice of course or study to provide them job or make them fit for employment. But at the same time the importance of aptitude available with a candidate also plays its big role to get into a career suited to his aptitude. The other factors like personality, interest and skill are also equally important to opt for suitable career choice to get into employment. This is all possible to advance career counseling.

Career counseling is equally important at various stages of life. Career counseling also suggests changes in ones career. There are various counseling centers throughout the globe. The counselors in these counseling centers manage counseling on different nature of courses and other higher study. We can avail of facilities of counseling through counselors even online apart from telephonic conversations. There are many such service providers across the world providing online counseling to people about their career. In order to generate more information, today’s educated youth call for online counseling which helps them in searching for a better career. The individual’s academic qualification, experience, habitats, weaknesses and strength need to be taken into consideration while providing appropriate counseling for achieving better career. Since the pros & cons of different nature of careers are not known in advance, as such, it becomes only possible to know pre-hand through counseling. Only a career counselor can equip us with such knowledge.

Prior to counseling a test know as aptitude test or career test is supposed to be faced by a person who desires to seek effective counseling for making selections of his career. The career test can also be undertaken on line enabling test takers to receive details regarding their suitable career. There are certain way and means to examine a candidate so as to assess a suitable field or line to which he could suit himself. Psychometric test is one of such career testing methodologies which covers broader spectrum regarding various skills and their proper implementations. Alongwith this test there are other approaches also like psychodynamic approach, social learning approach and the humanists approach. Different agencies and companies adopt different types of career testing techniques. All these tests are based upon the assessments to be made while conducting the tests and thereafter the concrete guidelines are framed through the career counseling opinions for achieving a career which appropriately suites to an individual. In view of this, the individuals who want to shape and reshape themselves at the various stages of walks of life are essentially required to follow the principles of career counseling.





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