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Indo-Pak Relationship
  By V. K. Nakhasi

There is utmost need for political, military and diplomatic means as well as strategies to be adopted by both the Nations i.e. India & Pakistan to improve the relationship between the two countries.

The crux of pinion of political as well as security analysts of India leads to believe that India is required to reassess and redirect its policies to deal with a country which has not completely able to follow principles of democratic set up.

The prevalent scenario in Pakistan has affected its political set-up affair which is bound to give rise to anarchy type environ within Pakistan. In Pakistan civilians are prevented from playing democratic role which leads to erode democratic concept in Pakistan and thereby given rise to enormous unsuitability there. In-fact it is the military dictatorship which controls and seizes the supreme powers to act democratically.

In view of the reasons that India being entirely and completely democratic should always avoid dialogue process with the Armed forces of Pakistan rather should give them impression that national polities are effectively run democratically and not militarily.

While developing positive relationship with Pakistan, India’s duty becomes to influence Pakistan that stability can be achieved through peaceful methods & not militarily. Pakistani civil society, its industrialists and even its media channels could prove of great help to stabilize Pakistan and thereafter can initiate steps to come to dialogue with the neighboring country i.e. India.

However, the recent initiatives taken by India to hold Home/Interior Secretary level talks between the two countries have been widely appreciated by the worldwide. Because this is the right approach which seems to have been taken at the diplomatic level and as such has been viewed highly prudent especially by the world political analysts & experts. Both the countries need develop trust and Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) enabling the world community to watch that how both the countries have come forward like two closest friends.

It has been analyzed threadbare by the experts that peaceful India is peaceful Pakistan and vice versa. The unsuitability & warring situation in Pakistan could leave its impacts upon its neighboring country i.e. India which could be a great hurdle in garnering support to develop further cordial relationship between the two countries.

In order to witness both the nations completely peaceful, it is urged upon both the countries to take very effective measures to wipeout terrorism on their respective soils and thereafter carry forward the mission of complete and result oriented political dialogue. The Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan would definitely act as an effective catalytic agent to discuss the more positive measures to further build confidence in ensuring peace and security in both the regions.

Such diplomatic level talks would likely to build confidence measures on issues like way to increase trade, Close rapport, increasing the frequency of the existing service between Srinagar and Muzzafarabad LoC trade, promotion of friendly exchanges etc. The Secretary level talks appear to have reached on consensus that both the nations possess a distantly clear view point to carry forward their cooperative benefits on sensitive issues like terrorism, trade, drug and check over circulation at fake currency apart from the mindset of wiping out mutual hatred through composite dialogue.

Simultaneously, Pakistan is required to shun its habit of harping upon Kashmir issue. No doubt Kashmir issue also warrants to be discussed but it is not advisable to make it pre-requisite for initiating the process for any dialogue. The Narrowed down view point of Pakistan that Kashmir is the core issue which divides the two nations could create impediments in its further development to tie more close relationship between the two countries.

However, for the last few months both the nations have put in practical efforts to take the talks further by involving threadbare discussions. This is definitely a positive approach to have been adopted by both the sides to come together for composite dialogue on bilateral issues. It is firmly hoped that their talks would approach with a great sense of confidence, optimism and determination.

During discussions, the CBMs relating to conventional aspects and other allied issues also need to be frequently reviewed with great vigor. Similarly, the infrastructure of terrorist groups which still continues exist on the soil of Pakistan should also come under discussion with maximum optimization to put an end to the ongoing global terrorism.

It is hoped that such like dialogues would continue further to bring peace which is pre-requisite for both the nations. Instead of harping on so-called Kashmir issue and terming it pre-requisite to go forward on any front which is beneficial for both the Nations, the dismantling of terrorist camps across the borders operating well within the forcible occupational jurisdictional limit of Pakistan so-called Azad Kashmir needs to be addressed meticulously paving way to feel some respite on the front of militancy by the people, living on both sides. Pakistan is required to shun the policy of encouraging militants otherwise this very polity adopted by them is hound to jeopardize the security scenario of both the countries. Let us be friends and burry the hatred which is the only way out to see both the Nations happy, prosperous and flourishing on all fronts.





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