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Corruption-free consciousness
  By V. K. Nakhasi

Every tomb dick and Hery existing in this universe does possess a true notion that corruption is rampant in our country. The rampancy in corruption has indeed eaten the vitality of the prevalent societal system. Although everybody is in know of this legal fact that to take or give bribe is an offensive process within the preview of the law of the land yet majority of the people ignoring this fact continue to plead deliberate ignorance of such legal tip of knowledge and they go on minting the money and thereby amassing the wealth which accumulates with them which is finally bound to get legally exposed as an asset disproportionate to his legal source of livelihood. Corrupt people seem to have completely lost this notion that they have been committing wrong and while becoming wrong doer they do not only turn their ears to deaf towards the statutory warning of watchdogs watching their unholy deeds but also pretend to be doing their due justice towards their job assigned to them which is all frivols. Such people even do not care for the bad name earned by them due to their continuous corrupt practice; rather they never try to refrain themselves from such misdemeanors. Since nothing goes unnoticed by the great Almighty as such the sin committed by them always comes to surface one day.

The people full of real wisdom do develop belief that the great almighty continues to watch the deeds of everyone. So whatsoever the objectionable actions are indulged into by any person under his carpet all such actions ultimately get unveiled in a way which leaves the doer in shambles and embracing situation and during those bad days being experienced by him nobody comes to his rescue and not even the person for whom even he might have indulged into such malpractices. Before falling prey to any such practice the individual should assess the consequences of the same as pre-assessed pros & cons could provide him chance to warn himself to stay away from any such action which could lead to jeopardize not only his personal life but his kith & kins also who become the worst sufferers of his wrong doings. So at least a person before indulging in bribe accepting or bribe giving activities should think repeatedly otherwise he is himself digging a big pit for himself as well as for his kith & kins. Till the time his illegal practices remain concealed with him, he feels himself safe & respectful within his society and soon after his bad deeds are unveiled, he is dubbed as an habitual corrupt while looking towards the legal aspect although there is a law to punish such corrupt elements yet its sluggish implementation does not deter other corrupts. The present quantum of punishment provided in the laws ranges from one year to seven years. The existing law further needs some amendments specifically for ensuring enhancement of punishment which could be inflicted upon persons accused of indulging in corruption and could also serve as a deterrent for other persons. As far as connotation “Criminal misconduct” on the part of public servants is concerned, there is an utmost need to convey a very concrete message that there is no place for corrupt elements in the State.

Govt. has also initiated fruitful steps to curb corruption by enacting “Lok Pal” on the subject. However, it is to see in the coming times that how the proposed law could evoke response in weeding out the menace. Let us not await for any such administrative measure to end corruption. Let us be in search of truth with our open minds & hearts and introspect for a while to see whether indulgence in corruption is bad or otherwise. While taking its pros & cons into consideration, everyone should recognize this message that corruption ruins ones destiny. We are required to educate people in their institutes where they are working in an easy & friendly manner so as to keep them fully aware that corruption devastates the future career of a human being. Various reputed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) could play leading & substantial roles in eradicating the corruption. One is invariably required to keep ones conscious quiet transparent about the corrupt activities otherwise the time is not far away when we have to be answerable before our next generation for the situation created by corrupt elements. At least in these fast tracking global activities where we have various regenerative abilities among our intellectuals who by dint of their devoted hard work are aimed at to make the progressive world and thereby achieve high potentiality of success. They have never cared to wait for any corruption in achieving such progress.

So it is highly important that cleanliness of one’s consciousness play leading role in the performance of each act. If one’s conscious are ready to reject such practices, he has ample of opportunities to perform on every front fearlessly and without any external or internal pressure to show substantial and very pious results. The humanity acting this concept contrarily shall have to a succumb always under outside & inside pressures and thereby ultimately does not only ruin himself but the fate of his kith & kins and other nearer and dears remain at stake and the ultimate resultant is devastation. So to become honest citizens of this world, the persons who have indulged in corrupt activities previously may take pledge today to shun all such corrupt behaviors and reshape themselves into god-fearing citizens which would lead them to enjoy the rest of the joyful lives.





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