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Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Sector - State's flourishing epicenter of global competence

The quintessence of Jammu and Kashmir is widely interspersed and holistically imbibed with tourism potentialities that are the major harbingers of economic boost for the state. The tourism sector thus, in the state, is broadly developed to meet the demands of the annual turnouts, which mostly include the pilgrim tourists thronging the state in hordes. The state government's deft handling of the tourism industry here is perceptible from many successful conducts of various pilgrimages in the state besides developing the numerous tourist spots here catering to the heavy influx round the year. The recent crown in the cap came when Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department won "Today's Traveller Award" for Best All Season-2011.

This suffices to the state's genre being highly fertile to many possibilities of explorations towards the probabilities leading to amazing findings. The chief minister Omar Abdullah's sense of wisdom in turning the minimum resources into greater multitudes is evident from the fact that, of late the state has flourished into greater zeniths on tourism fronts. While the chief minister emphasizes that we should be driven and guided by greater ideal of transferring the Earth and its resources to our future generation in a manner where life styles and use of resources will complement the cycle of nature, the reciprocals from the civil society as well as his political dispensations were equivocal in supporting this reason as the best alternative passed on to the new generations.

Tourism and Culture ministry's huge responsibility and contribution in spiraling up the tourism boom in the state is s also evident from the hectic exercises undertaken in all the regions of the state which have chiseled the attractiveness of various religious as well as sightseeing spots to attract the tourists. Stressing on the necessity of long term strategy for preservation of natural resources, the Chief Minister emphasized greening of tourism to avoid jeopardizing eco-balance in the State. During a two day workshop on 'Practicing Responsible Tourism' organized by Eco-Tourism Society of India and World Wildlife Fund in collaboration with State Tourism Department here, the Chief Minister had said that the world is presently at a crucial juncture of history where a comprehensive and well thought out strategy has become significantly essential to preserve and conserve natural resources.

He had also included that tourism in Jammu and Kashmir has the potential of being an engine of growth of economy providing direct and indirect employment to a large number of people. Minister for Tourism, Nawang Rigzin Jora referred to the environmental sensitivity of Jammu and Kashmir and said that workshop would be of enormous value to suggest measures to address the concerns relating to maintenance of eco-balance and carrying forward tourism related activities without creating any conflict. Given all these statistical, holistic as well as hypothetical considerations too available in the state to bring best out on the tourism perspective, the state of Jammu and Kashmir undoubtedly holds numero uno position among its contemporary Indian states in this field. Here the dynamism of young chief minister's far sightedness gets valued optimism for running a state, through its tourism potential at par with others, that otherwise is wholly devoid of any substantial corporatisation which is the mainstay of contemporary global village concept.




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