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Pak situation after Osama Bin Laden
   By Aijaz Ahmed Bhat

Following the death of Al-Qaeda Chief, Osama Bin Laden during the recent past days, the relations of Pakistan with US have landed into doll drums. This has also been stated by John Kerry, who happens to be the head of the Foreign Relations of the senate of U.S. Committee. The relations can go to either side of tightening or distancing. However, for the time being the breaking relations appear to have been avoided as both the countries have gone with an agreement through a joint statement issued in Pakistan to operate together with a mission to continue with the routing of Taliban and its Al-Qaeda.

In the initial phase while operating against the existence of “Osama” in Abtabad, Pakistan, especially when forces of US killed “Osama” in the vicinity of Pakistan Military Academy and when United States claimed responsibility for the entire operation, the Pakistani Administration out-rightly displayed their high degree of annoyance and threatened the former with adverse consequences. It was for the reasons that U.S. failed in taking Pakistan into its confidence before the American forces operated against “Osama” on the soil of Pakistan. Pakistan tried to back track from their old relations and commitments of having always supported US to put an end to terrorism and its outfits especially the Al-Qaeda-Taliban establishments in Pakistan. But, lateron when the angered Pakistani Administration cooled down and a joint statement issued by US & Pakistan pointed out that since both the countries are fully committed to work for the routing of the terror policy of Al-Qaeda-Taliban establishment as such their joint venture to cooperate with each other to counter terrorism would unabatedly continue. But on the other hand General Kiani hinted towards the resentment especially amongst middle cadre in the Pakistan Military establishment against the step taken by the US Military forces to launch raid to nab Taliban-Al Qaeda chief. The Pakistan Army happens to be in favour of fundamentalist elements which are likely to create impediments in fighting Afghan-Taliban in joint action by the Pak and US forces. This would ultimately affect the internal and secret relationship between Pakistan and militant outfits especially in their secret efforts to fight against India.

Pakistan has been receiving financial and military assistance from US for the last more than six years consistently for supporting the latter to wipeout the insurgency for which Taliban leadership is held responsible. The recent visit of John Kerry, Chairman of the US State Foreign relations Committee is sufficient to indicate and confirm the fact that US is still in favour of the operations against Pak epicentric Talibans. United States is also in know of this fact that it is well within the knowledge of Pakistan Government that certain areas of Pakistan have turned into easy sanctuaries of terrorists which worries America all the time. It is very much easy to gauge that as to how liberal America is in providing both economic and military assistance to Pakistan as the US has been committal before the world populace to be the non-compromising region on the front of militancy wherever it is erupted. Again the United States is not ignorant about the situation in the wake of operations being carried out against it in Wazirstan of Afghanistan. The Haqqani Group Network is already operating against the United State forces there. Although the United States declared one of the sons of Haqqani, a worldwide terrorist yet the clandestine operations against US forces continue to be vigorously on by this group.

It is worth appreciating that Islamabad has been sharing their performance in their efforts to reduce down the fighting capability of “Al-Qaeda” in Pakistan and its adjoining localities and it is because of their efforts that US has been able to catch hold of Al-Qaeda Chief “Osama” in Abtabad. However, the annoyance exhibited by Pakistan following the killing of “Osama” had no impact upon the policies of U.S. as ISI was stated to be secretly associated with the U.S. Military intelligence in nabbing “Osama”. It is also in view of this fact that United States made it public that they would not spare any Talibanic activities on any soil of the world. Although “Osama” now is no more yet the U.S. administration shall not leave their logical task of targeting other close associates of Taliban leader “Osama” unaccomplished which would be openly unacceptable to Pakistan as the latter has been exhibiting its resentment against the operations launched against Osama on the Pakistani soil by the U.S. Leadership. In order to lodge protest against this action of U.S., the Pakistani Parliament did not lag behind in condemning the attack on Bin Laden and termed it an attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan. Secondly Pakistan Parliament criticized its own administration for the failure in preventing drone attacks within their territory.

Pakistan parliamentarians are of the view that in case the Government asked them to counter the American action, the Pakistani Military establishment does possess capability to strike down CIA drones. It is for the first time in the history of the world that a head of any intelligence wing like General Pasha of ISI held responsible Pak intelligence apparatus for keeping ignorant about the planned action of U. S. on the soil of Pakistan. This indeed raises series of serious questions and also prudence demands that how was it possible that Pak intelligence and the ISI were both ignorant of the most logic and result-oriented action of U.S. against Talibans on the soil of Pakistan. Such type of ignorance does not seem to be justiable on the ground level. On the other hand, U.S. is much particular in vanishing Taliban establishment for which U.S. leadership would consistently pressurize Pak to be its partner in the massive hunt of Taliban associates in Pakistan.

After the decapitation of Taliban group, everybody throughout the world has reasons to believe Pakistan has become easy homeland of international terrorism. However, Pakistan is struggling back to the wall to convey world community that it does not provide any space for any terrorist outfit especially Taliban-Al Qaeda. Simultaneously in order to avenge attack by U.S. on Taliban-Al Qaeda Chief “Osama”, Talibans shall not leave any stone unturned in damaging Pakistan on all sides. The recent attack on Pakistan Naval Base at Karachi is an indicative of the said fact. The said incident has infact rattled Pakistan when siege over the Naval Base ended after 15 hours killing at least 10 personnel apart from damaging multimillion U.S. supplied Air Craft. Seven terrorists also lost their lives during the incident and some of the terrorists managed to escape. Taliban of Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for such a biggest ever strikes on Pakistan after the death of Ladin, which has left Pakistan Shaken. United States is consistently watching the situation and is likely to neutralize Talibans through its retaliation which could cost heavily for the Talibans. United States also keenly awaits the reaction expected to come from Pakistan following the terror attack suffered by its Naval Base. Now nobody would contradict the assertion that the threat potential has intensified manifold for Pakistan from all around due to environment of militancy created by Talibans so as to avenge the death of their Chief. Now it remains to be watched as to how now U. S. could come to the rescue of Pakistan to share the threat potential otherwise it could lower the credibility of U.S. leadership & its polities towards Pakistan.




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