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Drug menace in today’s youth
   By V. K. Nakhasi

It is very unfortunate that the menace of drug abuse has been prevailing all over the globe which has eaten the vitals of many people and its highest victim population is today’s youth. In India the number of youth who have turned drug addicts has gone considerably high and the matter has become of grave concern. Mostly the student’s community has become freely addicted to drugs. The drug addiction has spoiled many youth. There are certain persons who even have lost everything for want of drugs. As per their thinking and theology they have charm-less and tasteless lives before them in absence of intoxicative drugs. They have become habitual of intoxicants and other psychotropic substances and obviously their lives have become quiet valueless without drugs.

The unabated use of intoxicative drugs and other psychotropic substances by its addicts has turned their lives completely dull and meaningless. Notwithstanding the fact that the consumption of narcotic and other intoxicative drugs are enormously injurious to ones health still the addicts of the same do not shun the worst habit of its consumption and thereby they ignore even the statutory cautions and warnings being conveyed by the saner elements existing in our social setup as well as by the State administration. The ill effects of intoxicating drugs have obnoxiously worried the parents and nearest kith & kins of addicts. These effects have given rise to undermining the socioeconomic status of individual addicts as well as their families. The social family background of narcotic addicts has afflicted their societal relationship. The drug addiction has foiled the educational prospects of the student’s community. The school and College authorities are required to exercise their extraordinary vigil so as to ensure that the students studying in their educational institutions do not become victim to the menace of drug consumption as the dealers of Narcotic substances and other intoxicating and psychotropic drugs generally indulge in sale of such illicitly trafficked drugs in the vicinities of educational institutions. Although it is well known to everyone including the addicts of drugs that to consume intoxicating drugs is to invite the circumstances which are bound to lead to devastative death of those who turn to be its addicts yet the addicts continue to remain afflicted with the consumption of such drugs.

Drugs intake provide the person with false sense of bravado, asa result of which, the persons after having consumed intoxicative drugs do not even afraid to drive their vehicles under the influence of such drugs. Mostly, it has been observed that the heavy vehicles viz Load Carriers and passenger bus drivers, drive their vehicles immediately following the consumption of drugs and thereby they endanger their own lives as well as the lives of commuters traveling in their vehicles as commonly traffic mishaps do occur due to the driving by the drivers who are found to be driving their vehicles under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The reason is that such drug addict drivers have infact lost their capacity to think about the pros & cons of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The already enacted punitive measures provided in the MV Act against the driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol have not proved much result-oriented and the reason for that is the existing law which does not seem to be sufficient to put proper curb against such violators and as such needs to be replicated by stringent enactment which could not only serve the more corrective measure but also could deter the defaulters.

\ There has not been any respite in the number of drug addicts all over the country. The administration has also intensified its activities to put an end to the worst-ever menace of drug abuse our State Government has established one Drug-de-addiction centre in PCR Srinagar where the drug addicts in large numbers are checked and thereafter put to an effective counseling as per reports. In the said Drug De-addiction centre as many as (2000) drug addicts (Patients) were admitted in 2010-11 and most of the patients are still in a queue to seek counseling for drug De-addiction. The said Drug de-addiction centre is equipped with sufficient and skillfully trained staff which includes psychiatrics and other medical and Para-medical members. The Govt. has also proposed to have such De-addiction centers at other district Hqrs. as well.

Another remedial measure to get rid of the menace of use of intoxicative drugs in the state is that the administration needs to pay meticulous attention towards the measures to curtail the cultivation of narcotic substances in certain areas of the state. The Narcotic Control Bureau, GOI, has already initiated steps to put an end to such cultivation. The State level committees supervised by Apex level committee have been setup by the Centre Govt. to ensure the decisive ways & means to weed out the menace of drug and narcotic substances from the country. However, the State Administration has also ensured measures to put an end to the cultivation of Bhang and Poppy in the areas falling under the jurisdiction of District Pulwama and Anantnag. Moreover, the law enforcement agencies are also required to take more positive measures against the illicit drug traffickers. Although a law to curb such activities known as “Narcotic Drug & Psychotropic substances Act 1985” is already in force throughout India including the State of Jammu & Kashmir yet the violators of this law keep on operating their activities clandestinely. The said law carries very stringent punishment for its violation which ranges from 10 years to the life term imprisonment apart from heavy fine ranging from ` 50,000/- to ` 02 lacs. The strict implementation of the provisions of this law could also help in eradicating the menace to a greater extent.

\ The illicit trafficking of drug is one of the responsible factors for the spread of drug abuse globally. Generally, it has been witnessed that the illicit trafficking of drugs and narcotic substance in India takes place from across the border as the mentors operating from across the border do indulge in Narco Dollar Trade for the procurement of arms & ammunition. The illicit drug traffickers through their clandestine activities from across the border engage their operators for selling their narcotic drugs to the youth here and thereby spoiling their family lives. Here administration is required to exercise its sharp eyed vigil over all such unscrupulous elements who keep themselves associated with the illicit trafficking of drugs and other Narcotic substances in the State

\ In order to improve the social profile of the youth of the State, who are involved in the menace of drug, it is urged upon the Administration to devise more and more foolproof mechanism which could recommend more correctives under rules so that the innocent youth is made to realize that the time has come to get ride of themselves of the menace of drug addiction. There is a need for more effective counseling not only at the Administration side but also at other levels like counseling through saner elements among the societies. Since today’s youth is our tomorrow’s future to run this Nation as such our constant endeavor should be to provide proper guidance and meaningful counseling to our children and youth who try to deviate themselves from the right path. The parents of such youth need to contribute in a very substantial manner at least in the interest of those youth who have turned drug addicts.




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