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What Is Across The Border?

By Parminder Singh
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Pakistan occupied Kashmir is in realist terms a part and parcel of Jammu and Kashmir State. On 26th of October 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh, ruler of princely State of Jammu & Kashmir has made an instrument of accession of Jammu & Kashmir to the Union of India. To this effect, Maharaja executed a document as per the provisions of Indian Independence Act; 1947 where under he agreed to accede to the Dominion of India. Unfortunately India-Pakistan war of 1947-48 which is also known as the first Kashmir war broke out between India & Pakistan and it mostly remained confined to the region of Jammu & Kashmir. Both the nations were still in its nascent form of their existence when the war broke out and the after effects of the war still continue to affect the geopolitical relationship of both the countries. Infact the war was fought over the borders of the former princely state of Jammu & Kashmir by Indian Army, Paramilitary forces and erstwhile princely State forces. From Pakistan side, Pakistani Army, militia from local Tribal areas of North-West Frontier fought with Indian forces and State forces in the war. The Pakistan Army and the tribal concentrated over the acts of loot, assault and other acts of coercive. The state forces stationed in the bordering areas around Muzzaffarabad & Domel collapsed in view of the onslaught of looting and assault resorted to by the tribal. The invading forces received an opportunity to capture some parts adjoining Muzzaffarabad and other places where the inhabitants were also massacred, assaulted & outraged by them. Later on, the Indian troops who were airlifted from Delhi set up a defense perimeter and ultimately defeated the invaders. Some of the areas & cities in bordering region invaded by the Pakistani Army with the assistance of tribal invaders continue to be under an illegal occupation of Pakistan and the Pakistan declared these areas as so-called Azad Kashmir. But when we observe in practical terms, it becomes crystal clear that the areas (so-called Azad Kashmir) at present under the illegal occupation of Pakistan is not an independent country or State but actually happen to be the parts of Jammu & Kashmir State. The areas are virtually reined by the Pakistani Administrators which is evident by the fact that Pakistan Prime Minister happens to be the Chairman of the Kashmir Council of so-called Azad Kashmir. All the administrative policies and other major or minor decisions are framed in the Kashmir Council by the Pakistani Administrators and thrust upon the people of so-called Azad Kashmir. These decisions are neither challengeable in the Azad Kashmir Assembly nor in any of its Courts. It is the height of things that the Kashmir Council is dominated by Pakistanis and the number of members from so-called Azad Kashmir is in minority whose say always remain under depression and suppression.

Pakistan does not have any evincing interest in uplifting the people residing in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir rather the people of that area have been completely enslaved by the Pak authorities. This is the reason as to why the people of that area have been ignored on all fronts and they cannot even exercise their fundamental rights as the overall control is being exercised by Pakistan over their territory. The Pak held Kashmir is not an independent in true sense as is being claimed by Pakistan & Rulers of POK. Infact it is a Colonial area, in which Pakistan has established its setup to motivate & prepare youth to join militant ranks after imparting them arms training. These youth are thereafter infiltrated into this side of LoC to create unrest in the parts of Jammu & Kashmir. The political setup which stands established in Pak held Kashmir is basically operating there to promote national interests of Pakistan and as such is least interested in the development of so-called Azad Kashmir. The majority of people of illegally Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are illiterate as they have not been provided enough facilities avenues and such infrastructure which could have enabled them to read and write. Most of the people are living under below poverty line category as nobody in the area is interested in their progress and prosperity. Although the people living in that area are young, energetic yet they appear to be obnoxiously frustrated and lacking satisfaction. Pakistan engages them by preaching and motivating that only gun culture and arms training could change their fate, so they cross the line of control to fight Indian forces stationed in Jammu & Kashmir State.

The helpless rulers of Azad Kashmir are constrained to exhibit their loyalty towards Pakistan otherwise the former would not be able to exercise their control over their people. The promises made by Pakistan to make the areas of Jammu & Kashmir which are under its illegal occupation model ones proved to be false as the people of that area continue to be in lurch especially on educational front, developmental front, prosperity of the people etc. Infact Pak administrators try to keep them engaged in arms training for which various training camps stand established in many areas in Pak Occupied Kashmir. They motivate the innocent people living across the border to join militant ranks and fight against Indian Forces and the people of Kashmir in order to achieve so-called liberation of Jammu & Kashmir. It is stated that those who crossed LOC from Indian side after eruption of militancy suffered in Pak Occupied Kashmir enormously and it is painful to learn that at present nobody is coming to their rescue. However, Jammu & Kashmir Govt. is likely to frame a policy to bring them back so that they could be able to return their homes & begin new and peaceful life. A few sections of youth belonging to this side of LOC were under this impression that Kashmiri people living in Pak held Kashmir were leading enjoyable lives. They had dreamt that they would lead prosperous lives across the border. But all this proved to be visually contrary as the miserable plight of people living across witnessed by these misled youth soon after their cross over to the other side of the border broke their heart. Their intention was to join militant ranks across after acquiring arms training to launch crusade against Indian polities so as to subvert the lawfully established and stabled Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir on their arrival across the border were detained by the Pakistan Administration in the Arms training camps which stand established at various places across the border. There they were put to rigorous training after which they were equipped with the weaponry to use the same against Kashmiris after sending them back to this side of LoC. However, the alienated section of youth realized that the armed struggle for which they were forced by the Pak authorities was not in the good interests of Kashmiris rather they were kept in the dark in the name of “Jihad”. However, good sense prevailed upon them to build their capability to think that the armed struggle launched at the behest of mentors across the border was actually aimed at to get the state of Jammu & Kashmir divided on religious grounds. Most of the Kashmiri youth who have ex-filtrated to the other side of LoC following eruption of militancy during 1990 continue to be there as they are not allowed to return to their homes. The plight of these youth has turned completely miserable and woeful and is in a desperate need of help and support. They are repenting upon the follies committed by them to cross the other side of the LoC as they have been now away from their families for the last more than two decades.




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