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Kashmir Tourism - A Big Tourist Industry

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The people of Jammu & Kashmir are prideful for having God’s given tourism facility in their State. Jammu and Kashmir is a lone naturally fascinated tourist resort in the Northern part of the country where people from rest of the parts do visit this place for their amusement and enjoyment purposes.

hey take prolonged offs from their normal schedule days to have a visit of Jammu & Kashmir where they achieve some solace out of beautiful enjoyment. Jammu & Kashmir is not only known for its tourism but various pilgrimage destinations also fascinate the people living outside state and outside country even. The pilgrimage places include Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji Shrine (Katra), Shri Amar Nath Ji Shrine, (Pehalgam), Matta Kher Bhawani, (Srinagar), Shahdara Sharief (Rajouri), Dargah-e-Sharief Hazratbal (Srinagar), Ashmuqam (Pehalgam), Baba Rishi (Tangmarg) etc, where people in great number visit to pay their obeisance. As far as tourism point of view is concerned, the places which are worth to see include Pehalgam, Gulmarg, Mughal Gardens, Doodpathri, Ladakh in Kashmir Division and places like Patnitop, Bagh-e-Bahu, Harki Poudi, Jagger Kotli and Manser in Jammu Division. Sonamarg is located at an attitude of 2730 meters above sea level. It is the place which is a gateway to Leh Ladakh. Patnitop a beautiful picnic spot is surrounded by the wealth of Deodar forestry.

Tourists are attracted by its scenic environment. Most of the tourists like to make comfortable halt at Patnitop while visiting the various tourist resorts of the valley. Pehalgam is a place situated at the bottom of the hills leading to Shri Amar Nath Ji cave. Gulmarg is one of the famous hill resorts originally called Gurimarg by Shepherds. Mostly foreign tourists often visit Gulmarg. Doodpathri is one of the beautiful hillocks, where tourists often like to visit. Bahu-fort (Bagh-e-Bahu) located in the midst of Jammu city originally built by Raja Bahu-Lochan some more than 3000 years back. Mostly Indian tourists hailing from Madras, Gujarat, Bangalore etc visit this fort invariably. The Jammu city is famous for city of temples; one of the most famous temples of the city is Shri Raghu Nath Ji temple, which is an old aged temple. As & when any of the tourist groups happen to visit Jammu & Kashmir state, the group of member’s visits to pay obeisance at the said temple. One more beautiful temple known as “Harki Poudi” which is lying adjacent to Bagh-e-Bahu is also frequently visited by the tourists during their visit to Jammu & Kashmir State. Mansar is a tourist spot commanding good view of Lake around it. Jagger Kotli is a picnic sport where apart from local’s tourists from outside state visit in large groups to enjoy themselves. Mughal Gardens located on the bank of the Dal Lake with Zaberwan hills all around which commands magnificent view of the Dal Lake. In view of this, the tourism industry in the state has assumed lot of importance. By paying visits every year by the tourists from outside and Jammu & Kashmir, the entrepreneurs operating their business in the state are able to uplift their business establishments in a very larger way. They earn their due profits through the flourishing sale of their products to the outside visitors. Whenever any visitor intends to visit pilgrimage destination like Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji Temple, the locals of the township of Katra who have set up their trade establishments at Katra do receive opportunity to make large-scale sale of their products to the yatries en-route at Katra & other adjoining areas leading to the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji cave. Similar is the case with the taxi and transport operators who are also able to see their business flourishing during tourist season. Again, the Shikara operators around the beautiful Dal Lake in the valley keep their boats always available to the tourists for the latter’s amusement purposes.

In order to save time as well as budget, people living outside the state and country, who intend to tour Jammu & Kashmir state make online booking for hotel accommodation. Online reservations are made for budget Deluxe, Luxury, cottage Hotels and Houseboats in Kashmir. There is also provision for Kashmir tour packages for the tourists all over the globe. www.Kashmirtourism.org happens to be one of the famous websites which is responsible for providing detailed and first hand information about the places of tourist importance in Jammu & Kashmir. Similarly, Govt. website always remains equipped with informative details having bearing on the various kinds of attractive facilitation for the tourists. Again various airlines remain available for frequent operation of flights from Delhi and other parts of the country.

In a way the state is economically dependent upon the tourism to a larger extent. State Govt. has also been prioritizing the importance of the state tourism. Jammu & Kashmir tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC) is looking after the interests of tourists coming from outside state & country. The said corporation does make necessary and proper arrangements for providing all sort of adequate facilities to the tourists and the kind of facilitation includes transport, lodging, boarding etc. The corporation provides various types of tour packages to the visitors all the time. Similarly, there are numerous travel Agencies operational in the State to look after the best interests of the tourists by providing adequate facilitation of transportation, lodging, boarding etc to them.

Jammu & Kashmir Govt. is trying very hard to shape all such destinations into tourist resorts as are full of fauna & flora. The Govt. has decided to establish Golf tourism in the state. The tourism Department claims to have good Golf potential in the state. Golf destinations are being set up at various tourism spots in the valley. One famous Golf tourist destination “Spring Golf Course” already exists in the valley. All these efforts are in fact aimed at to give impetus to the State tourism so that more & more tourists come & boost our tourism industry in a big way. The government of J&K is committed to provide necessary infrastructure of international standard level to upkeep the spirit of Kashmir tourism.

The Kashmiri people are known for extending highest degree of protocol to the tourist guests. They eagerly await the summer season to see that their valley would remain full of tourists. They have extraordinary regards for the tourists as the visits of tourists happen to be one of the major means of their livelihood. But for the last about two decades, there have been some little-bit of interruption in the tourist activities in Kashmir valley. The interruption was due to the harassment and intimidatory tactics of anti-national elements and terrorists operating from across the border, who have never cherished for the developmental progress of the Kashmir valley. Terrorists in Kashmir previously resorted to such tactics in the valley which adversely affected the normal way of human beings. They are responsible for causing huge loss to the state exchequer by disturbing the tourist seasons in the past. But now with the passage of time the things have altogether changed. The prevalent environ is now quiet conducive to extend our invitation to the tourists. In-spite of the bad situation due to which the valley remained most affected in the past, the foreign tourists continued to visit the worth seeing places of the valley and the continued hustle & bustle in view of the huge influx of foreign tourists was noticed at places like Gulmarg, Pehalgam & at other tourist spots. The foreign tourists unabatedly enjoyed themselves with their choice-full amusement like Gandola and skating games at Gulmarg even during the previous turmoil. The day is not far away when there will be the same influx of tourists from outside into the valley as used to be before two decades. The situation has improved now many folds. At present especially during the ensuing summer season there does not seem to be any problem for any tourist to visit the fascinated destinations of the state. It is expected that the visitors from outside shall be warmly welcomed. People of the valley must be quiet ready to demonstrate their openhearted welcome to the Indian as well as foreign tourists. In an apparent recognition for the need of their welcome, the taxi/Shikara/tourist operators are noticed keeping themselves in extraordinary readiness to receive the tourists so that none of the tourists & their families experience any sort of hardships during their visit to the state & valley in particular. However, many more ways and means need to be explored by all of us to make this year’s ensuing tourist season a grand success. The unscrupulous elements also living within our societal setup need to prevent from indulging in any such designs as could cause an apprehension to jeopardize the spirit of coming tourist season. We need to hope & pray to the almighty that this year’s tourist season may flourish in the way to compensate the losses occurred to the people of the state (Kashmir) during last two years seasons. We do not now want to see our businessman to be in continuous poverty caused in the wake of poor tourist seasons in the past. The people of the state need to be honest towards their tourist guests. They should not lose any time to apply necessary correctives to the follies committed in the past which had very negative impact upon the economy of the state. No society can afford to allow unfair activities around its places which could create disturbances and due to such disturbances the economical status of that society would get badly affected simply for the interests of certain vested elements. People of the state need to be aware against the objectionable designs of such elements.




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