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Kashmiri - a believer of non-violence

   By V. K. Nakhasi

The degree of tolerance possessed by Jammu and Kashmir people especially in bearing the heavy brunt suffered by them on the past militancy front in Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir, India) cannot be compared with any other group of people living all over the globe. A reign of terror which was let loose by ANEs and other unscrupulous masters during the recent past could not demoralize the positive thinking of the people of the J&K state especially of the Kashmir valley where the militancy always remained at its peak.

In fact the people of Kashmir themselves confronted with the militancy and onslaught of terrorism through their decisive application of mind which did not allow them to be carried away by the elements who were hell bent to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the valley. Although there were attempts to hit the communal and cultural heritage of the valley, yet all the time the unscrupulous elements proved utter failure in destroying such old aged heritage of the Kashmir valley.

Although the mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandit community previously living in the valley took place in a very big way yet the traditional communal amity and social harmony remained always in tact which did not allow vanish the basic importance of communal & cultural heritage of Kashmir. There is no doubt about it to disclose that Muslims suffered more than their Hindu brotheren. This shows that there was never eruption of communal confliction even in presence of efforts & techniques resorted to by those elements across the border, which were responsible for giving rise to Kashmir terrorism & agitation to create wedge between the two communities. Presently, Pandits do visit valley on various occasions.

Infact it was the intimidatory tactics of certain elements among various militant outfits including Kashmiri separatists, who had been operating from across the border which made the Kashmiri Pandits to flee away from the valley leaving their home and hearth in Kashmir. Infact, both the communities took immediate steps to restore communal brotherhood and social harmony and all such steps proved to be the effective confidence building measures. Muslim brethren took steps in this direction and welcomed Pandits to return to their own valley which also belongs to the later as well. Most of the Pandits who were given employment opportunity by the State Government recently have returned to Valley where Muslims have offered them space in their houses to live in. This is indeed a positive step towards healthy & peace full development.

Since Kashmiri people are enriched with the sense & behavior of caring for one-another’s protocol since their birth-hood as such the phenomenal improvement for positive confidence developing mechanism got least affected due to the onslaughts of terrorism previously unleashed in Kashmir. It is infact the objective thinking of the members of both the communities which helped in the early restoration of their mutual trust.

As far as world perspective is concerned, one is never ready to deny it that there were elements among Kashmir separatists, who disturbed the Kashmir atmosphere. There were also elements, which looked for an opportunity to create troublesome situation during previous summer, but the people of Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) had already arisen to give befitting reply to their objectionable designs. Every citizen of Jammu & Kashmir needs to be alive to any such designs of their opponents in future also. But all such plans need to be thwarted by positive thinking only.

Our neighboring country, whose involvement in Kashmir terrorism & agitations has always been on fore front has never inspired for progressive Jammu & Kashmir as such might be still searching for an opportunity to create impediments in our way to achieve smooth progress. But their plans shall always be foiled by the wisdom-full people of this state. However, there are always certain elements among inimical forces who try keep their anti-national activities on, but people of Kashmir have always given them a lesson-full fight untidily. Such unscrupulous elements do not have the proper understanding capacity to think that they are themselves jeopardizing the progressive path of their own nation. Let us come and sit together to pray for the good sense to prevail upon them.

Kashmiri people have always hated violence. Their hatred towards violence has indeed shown them of having been imbued with the qualities of perfect gentlemen. They have always believed in non-violence. There was a time when hardly one murderous incident would take place in the valley during one year. The same trend continues to prevail at present even. It was only the foreign mercenaries & terrorism funding agencies & their operators, who operated clandestinely and created massacres in the past. People of Kashmir have always been peace loving and law abiding citizens coupled with compromising nature for the betterment of the State (Jammu & Kashmir).

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