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By V. K. Nakhasi
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It is well known to everyone as to how the people of Kashmir are always polished, caring and much more enthusiastic especially while rendering their good services to any individual or society irrespective of any cast, creed and color. This type of feeling has even been experienced by the three interlocutors who remained on frequent visits to the entire valley during the recent past. They have been time to time carrying the impressions of Kashmiris alongwith them while making study about the Kashmir situation. This would indeed help in reshaping the mind of the people living in the rest of the India about Kashmiri people especially of the youth of the Kashmir. Today’s youth of Kashmir is now going to look forward to see a very healthy Kashmir. They have now vastly realized about the follies committed in the past as a result of which a large populace of innocent youth had to keep their future at a great stake, The activities which remained prevalent in the valley during the past one year led the people to face miserable days.

There was a negative impact of the situation previously created by vested interests particularly upon the educational career of the school and college going students. The students who were under study in various professional colleges in the valley suffered lot on account of their frequent postponement of academic examinations. This must have definitely affected their professional prospectus in a very bad way. Similarly the little school children lagged behind in performing well in their main course of examination. Again those who were aspiring for their admissions in professional courses like Medical, Engineering within and outside the state lost their opportunity in seeking admissions as most of the secondary schools and colleges of the valley had to remain closed in view of the frequent Hartal & shut down calls followed by the enforcement of prolonged curfews which delayed the examinations as well as the results and ultimately made them unable to seek for their admission in professional institutions outside state. Now, in future no Kashmiri is now going to be readied to follow the footsteps of those who are hell bent to ruin the prosperity of the state in general and valley in particular.

Youth have taken pledge to shun the path of violence as they have now completely gained knowledge and experience that violence leads nowhere in the today’s world. During the present day time, it is a well known fact that an individual without an educational background is incomplete. So, one is required to frame his educational background only when the educational institutions are available. Govt. has already made the educational institutions available but those are not allowed to run disruption-free by various elements which are very much jealous to see our youth progressive and flourishing. Such elements always want to ruin our children through their manipulative exploitations for their vested interests as they are in nexus with the elements across the border which is operating their activities against the interests of innocent people of the state. We need to awake from the deep slumber and are required to remain alert and fully active against such diabolic plans of our enemies. By exercising such caution & extraordinary alertness their unholy plans would get definitely defeated and they would be having no say upon our innocent gentry of the state.

Jammu & Kashmir is known for its pride for having this state as a great tourism industry. People from all walks of life living within & outside country do take opportunity of visiting the state. By virtue of natural beauty of Jammu & Kashmir, we are prideful to host large number of visitors every year. Again our some of the religious places and shrines, which include Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji, Shri Amar Nath Ji, Shahdara Sharief, Dargah-e-Sharief etc. do also, assume lot of importance from tourists’ point of view. Most of the visitors, within and from outside country do visit these shrines to pay their obeisance. The people of the state in general & the Muslims of Kashmir in particular welcome such visitors every year. Muslim brethren in the valley render their good services to the yatries of Shri Amar Nathi Ji as Kashmiris are always possessed with their hospitable behavior in their blood. We need to apply much importance to our tourism industry as lot of revenue is earned through this industry. Previously, this tourist industry got adversely affected in view of the frequent Hartal calls given by various separatist groups existing in the state. The hotels had to keep their establishments locked for days together & sometimes the outside tourists who had come to valley to enjoy had even to go without food. This continued closure of establishments put the state exchequer to a great revenue loss. This has not to be allowed to reoccur in the coming summer.

People especially youth who are now aspiring for healthy Kashmir would not allow reoccurring of any such situation as could again put us to more devastations. Instead of losing right track, people should come forward with their genuine problems and demands and the authorities are also supposed to listen to them with due patience and initiate steps to redress their grievances so that the former would never find any occasion to feel them alienated. The citizens of this state have every right to seek resolution of their problems because by living hazzal-free life one can perform not only progressively but also with prosperity as the prosperity of individual yields to prosperity of society, state and a country as a whole.

With the ever expanding parameters of arrangements, the widening gap between people and the administration and an approach to management of services was becoming glaring which sometimes left the situation especially on law & order front entirely cold. But, now the innovative measures has been ensured by the Administrative set up to set the things on right tracks which would certainly effect the radical changes in the work process system. Through these measures people would get much more opportunities of obtaining employments in different sectors. Self employment schemes being launched by Govt. shall result into more and more people empowerment. This would really bring transformation into system’s approach which would change attitudinal behavior of people with respect to society. The employment means being ensured by the Administrative setup will provide more & more avenues to the youth whom we feel to have turned frustrated in absentia of their proper & rational engagements. We need to adopt rational placement policy so that a right person could be kept on the right job occasions need to be held where people could come and interact with one another so as to remove each other’s doubts. This could also prove one of the effective measures to keep the people especially youth away from such actions which are aimed at to create trouble & disturbances.

The saner & elderly people among citizens who need to remain closely associated with the youth during interactions could not only counsel youngsters about the adverse pros & cons of unscrupulous designs but could also advise them to desist from indulging in such activities. Every bonafide resident of this state cherishes to live in peace & prosperity. Let the ANE’s and other unscrupulous elements may think for a while about the importance of peace & prosperity which need to be kept at the top agenda at least in the interest of seeing healthy Kashmir. In order to see healthy Kashmir, such elements should shun all such activities which are bent upon to erupt only conflictions and nothing-else otherwise this could create impediments for a common person to become self reliant & much more progressive. Although strict punitive measures already stand set into motion to prevent such elements from creating any ugly or conflicting situation, yet the people living in this region would not lag behind in extending their cooperation & good services in educating them about the service of society.

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