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Introduction: Nature has bestowed Jammu and Kashmir state with such a geographical alignment besides scenic splendor that it enjoys year round cultivation of fruits. It is located at an altitude between 32.17 to 36.58 degree above mean sea level. The climate is transitional and distinctly classified as spring, summer, autumn and winter. Accordingly, the state has been broadly classified into Temperate, Sub-tropical, Sub-temperate, Cold arid zones.

In view of the potential for development of fruit crops and management of existing orchards Department of Horticulture has a major role to play. Various schemes with a number of incentives are being provided to the fruit growers to keep them actively involved in this economically viable trade that sustained the vagaries of militancy.



For uniform development of Horticulture in both the divisions of state, department of Horticulture, J&K was bifurcated into two Directorates, that is, Kashmir/Jammu from 20-05-2004 .

The state of J&K has a distinction for production of various types of temperate fruits both quantity and quality. The Fruit Industry is playing the role of backbone of State economy. The Industry provides direct and indirect job to about 35% population. With the increase in the production the industry faced marketing challenges. In order to meet the demand of the industry and to increase the share of the producer in the consumer rupee the Department of Horticulture Planning & Marketing was established during the year 1972 with the following objectives:


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