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Kashmir Territory illegally occupied by Pakistan

Pakistan-Administered Kashmir (PAK), which India refers to as Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK), is a disputed territory claimed by India but controlled by Pakistan. It is administratively divided into three parts:


  1. Azad Kashmir;
  2. The Northern Areas, consisting of the regions of Gilgit and Baltistan. Gilgit was an agency leased by the Maharaja to British Government. Baltistan was western district of Ladakh province which was annexed by Pakistan in 1948. Both regions of Gilgit and Baltistan are administered as a de facto "Federal Territory" of Pakistan by a Pakistani minister. As the area is part of the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region, the local population is denied the right to vote or send representatives to the Pakistani parliament or senate;
  3. A part of Hunza-Gilgit called Raskam and the Shaksgam Valley of Baltistan region, ceded by Pakistan to the People's Republic of China in 1963 pending settlement of the dispute over Kashmir. This ceded area is also known as the Trans-Karakoram Tract.These territories border the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir to the east and Pakistan to the west.

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    Kashmir Territory illegally occupied by
    Pakistan-suppressed people of POK

    When we talk about the background of Kashmir imbroglio as well as Kashmir territory Historical /Geographical facts, Pakistan harps upon the issue of right to self determination which sidelines the purpose of interaction on Kashmir.
  2. Azad Kashmir or Pakistani occupied Kashmir
    The former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir is forcibly divided between India and Pakistan; and people suffer on both sides of the divide with varying degrees. This article explains some of the situation in a territory known as Azad Kashmir.
  3. A Bird's Eye View of the Pakistani Terrorist Machinery
    Details on the Extensive Pakistani Terrorist Network directed at Kashmir. Some Vital Statistics and Facts on the Pakistani Terrorist Machinery Aimed at Kashmir.
  4. Secret Map of Terror Camps in Pakistan
    The Indian Army is aware of 40-50 terrorist training camps operating in Pakistan. There are apparently three kinds of camps: those for recruitment, training and launching attacks.
  5. How 'Azaad' Is 'Azaad Kashmir'?
    'Pakistan Occupied Kashmir' is known as 'Azad Jammu and Kashmir' (AJK) in Pakistan. It was supposed to serve as a ' model state' whose ' liberty and freedom' would inspire rebellion in Indian J&K. What happened?
    Save Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistani Jackboots
    The wave of democracy, freedom and open societies sweeping the world today seems to be escaping the hilly terrains of Gilgit-Baltistan, situated to the north of Pakistan. It is ruled by Pakistan but does not belong to it. It is theoretically independent but practically under the jackboots of Pakistan. The principles of self-determination, freedom and popular will that are being forged by Pakistan to its rumor mills against India, day in and day out, are denied to the people of the so called Northern Areas.
  7. Chinese Activities in PoK: High Time for India to Put its Act Together
    It is seldom that the part of Kashmir under Pakistan’s control comes under western media scrutiny. However, a report published in the New York Times has recently trained the spotlight on the area by disclosing that as many as 11,000 soldiers of the Peoples’ Liberation Army have been stationed in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of the PoK, apparently to meet the challenge of local unrest.
  8. Pakistan's divides grow ever-deeper ... By Syed Saleem Shahza
    The brazen attack on Monday on the United States consulate in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), was the first ever against a US facility in the restive region. The attack, in which gunmen fired on a security post at the consulate in broad daylight before detonating a car bomb, killing eight people, comes at a key time in Pakistan's turbulent history: deep fissures have created an environment ripe for exploitation by militants.




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