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  September 5, 1947.
Resolution of Kisan Mazdoor Conference

( Extract )

The most important national problem facing the people of Jammu and Kashmir at the present moment is whether the State should accede to India or to Pakistan. The future of the country depends on the solution of this problem. If it is solved in a right way the four million State people can live peacefully and comfortably in future; they will then also make sound progress. Otherwise the State shall have to face civil war and ruin. Five months ago meetings of the Working Committee and the General Council of the Kisan Mazdoor Conference were held at Achhabal on 6th and 7th April. A resolution was adopted in these meetings advising the Maharaja of Kashmir that after establishing friendly relations with both the Congress and the Muslim League he should declare the independence of the State and that simultaneously he should introduce complete responsible Government in the country. Things have moved with lightening rapidity during past five months. On 3rd June the British Government announce a plan of India's independence which has been accepted by both the Congress and the Muslim League. According to the plan the subcontinent has been partitioned on the very day of independence. Today the two dominions of India and Pakistan are in existence. The basic principle which guided the partition of the country according to 3rd June plan was that all the provinces and districts where Hindus are in majority have been included in the Indian Union and all those regions where Muslims are is a majority have been put together to form Pakistan. The provinces of the Punjab and Bengal have been divided into two parts each under the operation of the same principle. The district of Sylhet in Assam has also been included in the province of East Pakistan according to it.

British statesmen and the Indian politicians particularly the Congress leaders have advised the native rulers that they should join either of the two dominions and should in no case remain independent. Lord Mountbatten in his capacity as Viceroy made an important pronouncement that while deciding to accede to either dominion the Princes should take into consideration the geographical position of their respective States, that is, tile right decision for a State will be to accede to the dominion which is adjacent to it.

The Working Committee of the Kisan Mazdoor Conference has fully and carefully considered the developments of the last five months. It has also consulted the majority of the members of the General Council of the Conference. The Committee is of the opinion that there is now no alternative before the State but to join Pakistan. If she does not do so, the country and its people shall have to face immense trials and tribulations.

Hundreds of the States have already acceded to either the Indian Union or Pakistan in accordance with the principle on the basis of which the subcontinent was partioioned. At present only two of the States...Kashmir and Hyderabad...remain which have taken no decision yet. Recent developments show that these two states also cannot remain aloof for a long time and soon they shall have to decide about their future.

The overwhelming majority of Kashmir's population is Muslim. The State is contiguous with Pakistan territories. All the three big highways and all the rivers of the State go into Pakistan. For these reasons the Working Committee is of the opinion that the State should cede to Pakistan. This alone will be the natural and the right course to adopt. The state cannot remain independent; nor can it, owing to its overwhelming Muslim population and being adjacent to the Pakistan territories, accede to India. The Working Committee hold the view that the majority of the population desire to accede to Pakistan and the welfare of the 39 Lakhs of peasants and workers also lies in this.

The Working Committee appeals to all the people of the State in general, to whatever section, caste or creed they belong, and the working classes in particular that they should unanimously request the Maharaja to declare the State's accession to Pakistan.

If the Maharaja entertains any doubts about the obvious public opinion that the State should accede to Pakistan then he should order a referendum in which all adults should have the right to vote on the issue whether the State should accede to India or to Pakistan.

The Working Committee hopes that the people from all parts of the State will support this democratic method of solution so that peace is maintained and the country can progress.




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