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Resolution of National Conference, 1950 condemning UN

This meeting of the General Council of the All Jammu and Kashmir National Conference views with great concern the repeated failure of the U.N. to redress the wrongs of aggression of which the people of the State continue to be victims. This failure in its opinion is due to the continued concessions given to Pakistan by placing a premium on her intransigence.

The indecision and unrealistic procedure adopted so far has condemned the people of the State to a life of agonizing uncertainty. The All Jammu and Kashmir National Conference is gravely concerned and cannot any longer afford to ignore the perpetuation of these conditions of doubt and frustration. In the opinion of the General Council, time has come when the initiative must be regained by the people to put an end to this indeterminate State of drift and indecision.

The General Council recommends to the Supreme National Executive of the people to take immediate steps for convening a Constituent Assembly based upon adult suffrage and embracing all sections of the people and all the Constituents of the State for the purpose of determining the future shape and affiliations of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. In this sovereign Assembly embodying the supreme will of the people of the State, we shall give ourselves and our children a constitution worthy of the traditions of our -freedom struggle and in accordance with the principles of New Kashmir.




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