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  21st May, 1947
Statement of Acharya Kriplani,

Statement of Acharya Kriplani,
Congress President at Mujahid Manzil,
21st May, 1947.

You should not worry if I fail in my Kashmir mission. You can lead a prosperous life, if your Maharaja is happy. I had a desire to see the Maharaja Bahadur also but unfortunately he has stayed at Jammu. I hope I shall get the privilege of seeing the Maharaja Bhadur. I have not come here to persuade the State to participate in the Constituent Assembly. We are always prepared to give you all possible help, whenever you require it. We shall sacrifice our lives for you. You should strengthen your organisation and pay your attention towards mutual cooperation. I appeal to the people to save the State from communal disharmony and disturbances at any cost. You should help one another irrespective of caste and creed. The Government will try to sow seeds of communal troubles in the State through its agents. But you should purge your organisation of such elements so that your State may remain immune from communal disturbances.




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