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Constitution - Proclamation of May 1, 1951 on J&K Constituent Assembly - Whereas it is general desire of the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir that a Constituent Assembly should be brought into being for the purpose of framing a constitution for the State; Whereas it is commonly felt that the convening of the Assembly can no longer be delayed without detriment to the future well-being of the State. And whereas the terms of the proclamation of the Maharaja dated 5 March, 1948 in regard to the convening of a national assembly as contained in clauses 4 to 6 of the operative part thereof do not meet the requirements of the present situation ... click here to know more


- It was in 1934 when the first Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir comprising of the Assembly and the Council of Ministers was formed. The Constitution of the State of Jammu and Kashmir was framed on 26 January 1957. Section 46 of the Constitution states that the Legislature will be comprised of the Governor, the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. The strength of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly was 100 members. The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir (Twentieth Amendment) Act of 1988 revised the number of seats in the house and the house was given the permission to accommodate 111 members ... click here to know more


Political Parties
- The heavenly paradise of Jammu and Kashmir, nestled on the lap of the Himalayas has been the bone of discontent between India and Pakistan since time immemorial. In fact India's much desired freedom came at the cost of repeater strifes in the state that shook the entire nation. In fact, the Jammu and Kashmir Political Parties play a monumental role in holding together the politically high strung state. Amongst the political parties responsible for the jurisdiction of Jammu and Kashmir, the national parties namely the Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janta Party hold on to the political reigns ... click here to know more


Article 370
- Article 370 (though originally Article 306-A) of constitute of India conferring Special Status upon State of Jammu and Kashmir reads as follows:

“Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir
1. Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution,
(a) the provisions of article 238 shall not apply in relation to the State of Jammu and Kashmir;
(b) The power of Parliament to make laws for the said State shall be limited to,
(i) Those matters in the Union List and the Concurrent List which, in consultation with the Government of the State are declared by the President to correspond to matters specified in the Instrument of Accession governing the accession of the State to the Dominion of India as the matters with respect to which the Dominion Legislature may make laws far that State; and ... click here to know more




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