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University of Jammu - Cradled in the lap of mountains at the foothills of auspicious Trikuta, besides the river Tawi at an altitude of 1030 ft. is Jammu. This 'city of temples' has many places that are flocked by people from every nook and corner. Among all these, also comes the famed university of Jammu. A place, where imparting education is not considered just as a mere duty, but as a commitment towards the advancement of the society. A university with a vision and a single-minded mission. To make Jammu university a name to reckon with. A saga that has been continuing from the time of its inception.

University of Kashmir - Situated at Hazratbal, an idyllic area on the western side of the fabulous Dal Lake of Srinagar and held in veneration by the Muslims for the beautiful mosque that enshrines the holy hair of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the University of Kashmir is spread over 263 acres of lush green land with three adjacent campuses of exquisite beauty, Amar Singh Bagh, Naseem Bagh and Mirza Bagh. Amar Singh Bagh is located on the bank of the Dal having on its other three sides a background of mountainous amphitheatre rising to a great height above its crystal clear water. Naseem Bagh, or "the garden of breezes", laid originally by Emperor Akbar, is a magnificient grove of chinar trees, facing the artificially formed island, Sona Lank or the Golden Island, in the centre of the northern portion of the Dal. Mirza Bagh, now the "University Town", housing the residential quarters for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the University, is situated on the bank of the famous, Nageen Lake. The unique combination of lake and mountain scenery, and the impressive calm and serene ambience provide a highly congenial atmosphere for the philosopher's contemplation and the scientist's research.

Sher-e-Kashmri University of Agricultural Science and Technology J&K - The Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, J & K was established in the year 1982 with the objectives of catering to the research, education and extension education requirements of the state. The entire educational infrastructure like colleges of Agriculture, Veterinary and Forestry came up in Kashmir province only and major infrastructure for research and extension was also developed in the same region. Subsequently, a demand for the establishment of a separate Agriculture University for Jammu region was projected as agro-climatically and topographically, the Jammu region is different from the Kashmir division having diversity among its livestock, type and pattern of cropping and socio-economic/geographic linkages. The problems of Jammu region are location specific in research on crops, pulses, fruits, oil-seeds, vegetables, agriculture, species of livestock and poultry. Keeping these considerations in view, the then Prime Minister of India, Sh. H.D. Deve Gowda, during his visit to Jammu in 1996, announced the establishment of a separate Agricultural University for Jammu region. His successor-in-office, Sh. I. K. Gujral, subsequently reiterated this commitment.ium.

Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University - Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University has come into existence by an Act of the Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly called the Jammu & Kashmir Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Act No. XVI of 2002. The university is nurtured by the Jammu & Kashmir Wakf Council. The motto of the university is “Iqra bismi Rabbik alladi Khalaq” which means, “Read in the name of God who has created all that exists”. It reflects the vision and idealism for which the university stands. The objective identified for the university in the Act is to impart quality education and undertake research in basic and job oriented fields. Accordingly, the university has launched postgraduate teaching programmes in Business Management, Financial Management, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Arabic, Applied Mathematics and B. Tech in Electronics and Communication, Computer Sciences & Engineering and Information Technology.


Health Infrascture in Jammu & Kashmir

Government Medical College Srinagar, Kashmir - Established 1959. A Government of Jammu & Kashmir Institution Government Medical College, a premier institute of J&K was founded in the year 1959 with the aim of imparting quality education and provide basic health services to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by producing doctors of high calibre from the valley itself, to serve the large and rather backward population of the state. In the forthcoming years the college progressed to such an extent that it surpassed all the initial expectations which the people had from it.

Associated Hospitals of Govt. Medical College Srinagar, Kashmir - Government Medical College has a number of Hospitals Associated with it, most of them being the largest ones in the state and the most specialized ones too. These hospitals provide extensive medical care and facilities to a large chunk of the Kashmiri Population (about 70% of the population of Kashmir) .

Govt. Medical College, Jammu - Government Medical College, Jammu, a premier institute of J&K was started in the year, 1973 in a temporary building with the object to provide quality education and deliver the health care service to the people of this region. This institution is located in the heart of Temple City Jammu. This institution was started with the aim to train fifty medical students for MBBS course per year and to serve as referral hospital for Jammu Province. But now the seating capacity has been increased upto 120 students per year, Besides MBBS course the college also imparts Post-graduate training Course.

Associated Hospitals - The Associated Hospitals of GMC, Jammu are the premier Health Institutions of Jammu Province located in the heart of city of Temples, Jammu consisting of six districts with a population of 44 lacs. Jammu is the most popular district of J&K State.


Industrial Scenario - Jammu and Kashmir mostly has manufacturing industries, small-scale industries, cottage industries etc. There are industries in almost all parts of Jammu and Kashmir but some areas have been marked as primarily and significantly industrial areas. Some of these important areas are Industrial Growth Centre in Samba, Integrated Infrastructure Development Project in Udhampur, Industrial Complex in Bari Brahmana, Industrial Estate in Zakura and Industrial Growth Centre in Ompora. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has also laid some policies for the development of industries in the state.

Small Scale Industries of Jammu and Kashmir - The Jammu and Kashmir State is heavily dependent on its tourism industry. The government is aware of the fact and they are trying to build an industrial atmosphere in the state. They have invited leading industrial houses of the country. However, the state is not in a very good condition as it has faced severe terrorism threats and insurgencies. The people of the state need jobs and since the industrial process is time taking, only Small Scale Industries of Jammu and Kashmir can help ... click here to know more


Kashmir Railway Project - India is undertaking one of its most challenging railway projects ever by building a line to connect Kashmir with the Himalayan foothills. Far from being an ordinary scheme, the 290km route crosses major earthquake zones, and is subjected to extreme temperatures of cold and heat, as well as inhospitable terrain.

The idea of bringing organized transport to the Kashmir Valley is nothing new. The first proposals were made in 1898 and this was followed in both 1902 and 1905 by British-led plans to reach the region by rail, including a 2ft or 2ft 6in gauge electric railway climbing to 11,000ft over the Pir Panjal Mountain Range. None of these were built ... click here to know more




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